Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Barry M Dazzle Dust Swatches and Review

The Basics:

Barry M Dazzle Dusts and Glitter Dusts are small pots of pearlised powder, which can be used on eyes, cheeks or lips. They come in a massive variety of shades (76 for Dazzle Dusts and 20 Glitter Dusts) and whether you prefer shocking brights, subtle neutrals or dark vampy shades there really is something for everyone.


The jars are small but they go a long way as you only really need to apply a small amount of product to get good colour. They are also extremely versatile and can be used as an eyeshadow applied with either a brush or your (clean!) fingers, or mixed with a little water/mixing medium make a bright eyeliner. They can also be applied to the lips, either as an all-over colour or to highlight or add some sparkle to your current lipstick or gloss, or to the face as a blush or highlight. Mixing a small amount of powder with your moisturiser or body lotion gives a pretty all-over shimmer effect. It's a product of a million uses.


The shades I have here are Dazzle Dusts in 29 – Yellow Gold (which appears to be discontinued), 59 – Lilac, 72 – Emerald, 92 – Aqua Gold and Glitter Dust 20 – Denim.
Swatches on the right are on bare skin, left is over MUA Primer. You can click the images to enlarge.

My Opinion:

I actually really like these, I thought I had more! I only really use mine as eyeshadows, given the shades I own and my total lack of bravery in the dramatic lip department, but they last a good amount of time and apply pretty pigmented. The gold can be a little sheer, though I've noticed a significant improvement with using a primer, and by patting rather than sweeping the dust onto my lid. They last forever too (I've had some of mine years!). The main issue I have with them is the fallout. As you can see they get flipping everywhere, and before I learned the eyeshadow before foundation trick I used to end up taking off half my face and reapplying every time I used them. But I think that's just a dust thing, it's easy enough to clean up and they remove easily. Also, you have to be careful using them with a cold – sneeze or cough and you'll find your makeup station is suddenly very sparkly...


They are so versatile. So many beautiful colours. Really pigmented. Last a long time. Affordable and easily available. And some colours are dupes for much more expensive brands such as Urban Decay.


Holy fallout Batman! The Denim glitter doesn't really look very glittery :(. They do need a primer to look their best (the gold especially goes on a bit sheer) but that's true of pretty much all eyeshadows. There are no mattes.

Where to Buy:

Dazzle Dusts and Glitter Dusts are both available from Boots, Superdrug, larger Asda and Tesco stores or the Barry M website http://www.barrym.com/ for £4.59
(Superdrug also currently has 3 for 2 across the whole Barry M range!)

As a bonus, Emerald looks just like Urban Decay's Grafitti loose shadow to me. Look!

(both over MUA primer there - Urban Decay on the left, Barry M on the right)

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