Saturday, 2 February 2013

Friday Favourites & Quick FOTD

1. eBay Bargains - This morning I realised that I own two MAC shadows, one MAC pigment and an Urban Decay "Preen" palette, none of which I paid full price for and all of which (as far as I can tell, though I have no idea) are the real deal. My palette never had the primer or liner, but since I paid around £8 for it I'm not *that* upset. Yep, eBay can be amazing. The bargains I got were all auctions ending at funny times while I was a student and didn't mind being awake at 3am to catch them, but there are lots of other ways to get good deals (I can't find the exact guide I had and loved but Moneysavingexpert has a good list of tips here). Just be aware of fakes.
2. Pedometer - I love my pedometer, maybe a little too much. Mine is the Omron Walking Style III
3. Blogging Community - After last Sundays #bbloggers chat, I just feel so happy and accepted in this community - even if I am brand new to it.
4. M&S Rhubarb and Custard Drops - Just. Yum.

Link Love

1. Dark Side Of Beauty - amazing makeup? Check. Geeky awesomeness? Check. Slowly brainwashing me into becoming a bank-robber so I can buy all the awesome indie brands she swatches? Check! haha. Brilliant blog and she's celebrating her 2 year blogiversary with a bunch of awesome giveaways so be sure to check that out! :)
2. Grimm Up North - If you like horror movies and live in the North West I recommend checking Grimm out. GrimmFest itself runs around October/November time most years with a mix of exclusive premiers and classic horror, but they run bi-monthly screenings. It's a hoot and a bargain if you're close by.
3. Hotel Chocolat - Valentines day is coming up and these chocolates are not only amazing, but also decently priced for the taste of the chocolates and elegance of the packaging. I mean take a look at this Love Notes Collection - it's gorgeous!
4. MakeupAddiction - need inspiration? Just have a few hours to kill. Reddit. Once you go reddit, you never go back.
5. Calming Manatee - Perfect place to go after a tough week!

(for some reason my other pictures are uploading sideways despite being fine on my computer? Eurgh)
This was pre-concealer and foundation. Used Barry M Lilac Dazzle Dust, Stargazer Purple Passion (which stains so badly) and a black from a trio from I believe Wet-n-Wild called diamonds for the shadows. Liner, brows and waterline are the usual. Mascara is the Bourjois Volum Clubbing in Party Black.

Sorry for the lacklustre post. I'm shattered, it's been a tough week for me this week.


  1. I need to seek out those rhubarb and custard drops.


    here's to a better week xx

    1. They are lovely, 70p a box though and I go through them a bit fast! Here's to a better week indeed x


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