Monday, 25 February 2013

More Geek Chic Featuring Some Big Damn Heroes

More Geek Chic swatches for you. This is the remainder of my order, three shadows from the Big Damn Heroes collection - Captain Tightpants, Ambassador and Inevitable Betrayal. Plus We Are Coming from the Timey Wimey collection and Twilight Princess from Dangerous To Go Alone.

First up. Big Damn Heroes. This is the Firefly (& Serenity) themed collection, and if you don't know what Firefly is you're missing out. It's the greatest space western ever created (thanks to the amazing Joss Whedon). Also - Nathan Fillion <3. *ahem* fangirling over.
So yes, I already knew that I'd be getting shadows from this collection. I only picked three as I was already getting the whole of Strange Aeons, but the other two (Little Albatross and Very Fine Hat) are already at the top of my list for my next order, though I wish they had done shades for Kaylee (my second favourite character), Jayne and Zoe the other three crew members. Which will likely happen soon, I do still have *some* birthday money left over... The three I chose were Captain Tightpants (based on Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds, Nathan Fillion's character on the show), Ambassador (based on Inara Serra) and Inevitable Betrayal (based on Hoburn "Wash" Washburn).

All swatches were done over MUA Professional Eye Primer and photos were taken in natural light (click to enlarge). Descriptions in italics are from the Geek Chic site.

Captain Tightpants: "ruddy shiny golden-toned copper"
More brown/tan to me, but does shine copper when it hits the light and you can see the golden sparkles in it

Geek Chic Captain Tightpants
Geek Chic Captain Tightpants

Ambassador: "rich, reflective plummy-maroon filled with golden sparkle."
 comes up more brown toned on me than the website swatch, but I do agree with the description, plum-maroon works. Sad this isn't lip safe, I would have loved to see how it looked on my lips :(

Geek Chic Ambassador
Geek Chic Ambassador

Inevitable Betrayal: "reflective golden-toned dinosaury-green."
Yep, golden green and you can see the golden shimmer. My favourite from the three I picked.

Geek Chic Inevitable Betrayal 
Geek Chic Inevitable Betrayal

 Now for the two other shadows I picked.

We Are Coming: "Rich, velvety milk chocolate gleaming with shifting golden copper highlight, studded with a moderate scattering of ruby and sapphire glitter."
I mostly only saw the blue glitter, but the description rings true. Stunning colour. If you can, check out the Geek Chic product picture, it is so gorgeous it got an audible reaction from me. I think this would really benefit from a sticky base like Pixie Epoxy and intend to test this theory soon :)
Geek Chic We Are Coming
Geek Chic We Are Coming Swatch

Twilight Princess: "gunmetal/green duo-chrome."
Has an almost teal lean with me, but very true to description. Pictures cannot do this shade justice, it's a beauty!

Geek Chic Twilight Princess
Geek Chic Twilight Princess Swatch

Stand out favourites for me are Inevitable Betrayal, We Are Coming and Twilight Princess. I do love all the colours I picked though (thanks mostly to the brilliant descriptions on the Geek Chic site). 

All shadows shown (and more) can be purchased at Geek Chic Cosmetics
Full sizes are $5.99
Samples are $1.25


  1. Want.Want.Want. Must do an order come payday! x

    1. haha, gorgeous indie shadows - enemy of the bank account everywhere! I'd love to see what you get if you do make an order :)


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