Sunday, 10 February 2013

Project No Buy: Week One

Incomings and Outgoings

Starting amount:

Nail varnish: -£1.00
Kit Kats: -£2.00
Slim Fast bar for lunch: -£0.47
Return to town via bus: -£3.00
Blog post: +£0.10
No Smoking: +£0.10
Job Applications: +£1.00
Bad Habits: -£1.00

Total: £13.73

Not too bad, in fairness to the purchases the nail varnish was to replace one I adore and was reduced from £1.75, the Kit Kats were also reduced to £1 a pack from £1.59 so I saved £1.18 there. Mega guilt over the bus fare as I usually walk, but my foot hurt and it rained on the way home so kind of worth it

Chocolate & Orange Pastries: -£1.00
Berries: -£3.00
Lettuce: -£1.00
Money for delivering Grandma's papers: +£1.50
Blog post: +£0.10
No Smoking: +£0.10
Job Applications: +£1.00
Reading book: +£2.00

Total: £14.43
One unnecessary food purchase which I am kicking myself for. Otherwise pretty good, lettuce and berries are both healthy and part of my weekly food shop. Yay for no smoking and yay for blog posting. Even though I was feeling really sick that day.Plus managed 2 chapters of Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks, I love is books, they're always really interesting and this one is cracking!


Reading book: +£2.00
No smoking: +£0.10
Blog Post: +£0.20
Job Applications: +£1.50
Bad habits; -£1.00

Total: £17.23

Best day so far! No purchases at all (though my mum did buy me more milk and BBQ sauce, I feel bad) and I managed to earn some money. Proud with my lack of smoking too. Though I am disappointed I let a bad thing slip in right at the end of the day.


Birthday money: +£260
Valentines Chocolates: -£1.00
Caramel Biscuits: -£1.00
Toffee Crisp: -£0.50
Face Mask: -£0.75
Fruit Snack: -£0.59
No Smoking: +£0.10
Blog Post: +£0.10

 Total: £273.59

Around half my birthday money will be going straight into the future fund. The rest I may use to make cheeky, naughty purchases! But today was always going to be an odd one because of birthday income and birthday naughty spending.


Groceries: -£3.05
No smoking: +£0.10
Reading: +£4.00
Blog Posts: +£0.20

Total: £274.84

Finished my book! Now I just need to get started on my new one :). I should have applied for jobs but I spent so long at my Grandad's watching the rugby I couldn't be bothered afterwards. Which is a really bad way of looking at things.


Tweezers: -£3.48
Lip Stain: -£3.98
Snacks for the Rugby: -£1.50
No Smoking: +£0.10
Blog Post: +£0.10
Job Application: +£0.50
Bad Habits: -£1.00

Total: £265.58

I did need the tweezers, I lost my only good pair and I hate not being able to do my brows. It's an obsession, and a bit of a bad habit. Proud of myself for managing so well on the not smoking, though I really need to get into gear with these job applications! The lip stain was naughty, but I do have birthday money and I am obsessed with them!


No Smoking: +£0.10
Blog Post: +£0.20
Christmas Money found whilst tidying: +£30
Makeup Orders:  -£33.04
Reading: +£1.00
Birthday money to house fund: -£170

Total: £93.84

Cheating a little as actually I'm taking the birthday money to the bank tomorrow (and it's £200 as the Makeup order was online came out of my existing funds). And yes, I broke my no buy... but it is spending Birthday money which kiiind of makes it a present? That's how I'm justifying it to myself anyway (same follows if Debenhams have the Glinda palette as the giftcard is only £20 so I'll need to spend some money). Otherwise I did okay. No jobs applied for but I am half way through a graduate scheme application, which are massive.


Money Spent: £232.86
 On essentials/allowed purchases: £186.09
 On non-allowed purchases etc: £46.77

Money Earned: £326.70

Total: £93.84

Actually the week went better than I thought it did. This was always going to be a really weird week to start because of my Birthday and all, though I did let things slide towards the end of the week purchase wise anyway and I need to reign in bad habits. Actually removing birthday money and the money I spent because of birthday money puts me at £40 in. I think this means I'm giving myself too much credit for things...

I'm reviewing my goals/rules a little bit:
Changing job application rewards to 10p for jobsite jobs, 50p-£1.00 for graduate schemes depending on how in depth and time consuming they are (some take literally 3-4 hours).
Removing the healthy choices thing as I'm never really paying attention to it.
However I am adding some new rewards:
50p earned for every 30 minutes spent revising driving theory
My driving instructor wants me to be ready to take my theory test by the end of March, and quite frankly I find learning the stuff boring as hell. Especially all the highway code, it's such heavy going! I keep putting it off and doing other things, but it really needs to be done. So hopefully monetary rewards will get me spending more time revising that!
Earn money for organising/tidying jobs. Amount will depend on the size of the job, for example doing the dishes would be like 20p as it's usually only a few things, whereas tidying my dresser would be £1-£2 as it's a mess xD.
I need to be more organised and tidy, I annoy myself. And with some contributing factors at home which are out of my control, every little I do can help and let me retain a little sanity.



  1. You're doing sooo well!!


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey!

  2. You're doing a great job! I advocate treats with "your" half of your birthday money :) xx

    1. Thanks :). I just need to learn to stay on the right side of the line between treats and just buying stuff because I can xD


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