Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday Favourites

Blog Love: 

The World Isn't Out To Get Me from Thoughts of a Lunatic, this post is just so heartfelt and deep. A brilliant and inspiring reminder that really, the world isn't actually out to get you. (Honestly read her whole blog, almost every post touches me in some way).
Sunset look by Makeup by Hanna, this makeup is just so beautiful I was floored. Hanna is amazingly talented and so creative. I cannot recommend checking out her blog enough.
Being Happy by Makeup Pixie is a brilliant and insightful post on being happy :), a good remedy to some of the negativity going around the bbloggers community at the moment.
Bat Girl by A Daisy Chain Dream. All I can say is that this outfit is perfect.
How I Take (Beauty) Blog Pictures at Midnight Violets is a brilliant guide on blog photography using little space and just a regular old camera! Super useful for anyone who needs some product photography tips :)
How I Cover Up Redness at Beauty on a Budget offers some great tips for hiding redness! :D
Tune Into Autism Gig by Tales From the Kingdom is a post about a wonderful person doing a wonderful thing for a good cause :)

Other links/love:


WARNING: Any links you click on from here on out may be NSFW (the Falling in Reverse ones definitley are – bad words abound!). Just in case any of you read this at work or something.

Band of the week: Falling In Reverse. Ronnie Radke is the old lead singer of Escape The Fate, a band I used to love in High School/College. Due to some mishaps and jail time, he left the band (or the band left him more accurately) but how he's back with a new band that sounds so much like Escape The Fate back when I loved them. I genuinely respect Ronnie for the amount of work he's done to turn his life around after drugs and jail and everything, this interview says a whole lot about him really. A couple of my top tracks at the moment (I pretty much love the whole album) are The WestenerI'm Not A Vampire and The Drug In Me Is You (this video reminds me so much of the video for Situations by Escape The Fate which I love)

Lost Girl You may have heard me ranting about this on twitter. But seriously, how am I only just watching this?! Oh my lord the awesomeness. And Dyson is, for a man who shares a name with a brand of vacuum cleaner, flipping gorgeous.

Zero Noodles . I blooming love them, filling, low calorie and don't really taste like pasta or noodles (I'm not a pasta person, even though I'm a carb junkie). I don't get the weird smell people sometimes talk about with these and I like the texture, though they are super bland. I've also tried the “Slim Rice” from H&B but I do prefer these, I'll be stocking up in town on Monday!


  1. Grr Blogger just deleted my comment :'( I'm in luuuurve with Falling In Reverse, Escape The Fate were my favourites as a teenager so hearing Ronnie's voice makes me swoon still :P First song I fell in love with was The Westerner too! Definitely need to check out allll the blog posts you mentioned, can't wait for next week's favourites! xxx

    1. I'm going to have to go back through all my old teenage bands and see what's happened with them, I'm kicking myself for falling out of the loop music-wise at uni.

  2. I LOVE Falling In Reverse! I had the pleasure to see them in Warped Tour last summer, and Ronnie is an amazing vocalist live. He is really awesome! I'd say the Drug In Me Is You is my favorite song from the album, but all the songs are fantastic!

    1. So jealous! I think they toured over here not so long ago, but I missed out because I never made the connection >.<. Fingers crossed they'll be back soon! :)


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