Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March Favourites

I know, a bit late but oh well. Being on time was never my forte



  • Maybelline Color Tattoo - I love these, stunning colours, last forever and make perfect bases for eyeshadows too. I just wish they had the beige one over here!
  • Barry M Gelly Polishes - I love Barry M polishes in general, but there have been some amazing shades released with the gellys. I even like the pink one!
  • Shiro Cosmetics - all my brights are from Shiro so  I've been wearing them loads at the moment!
  • MUA Undress Your Skin Foundation - the colour is perfect for me, which is insane in itself (everything looks yellow on me!) and it's so affordable too. I am in love! Review coming soonTM


  • Fangoria's Blood & Guts with Scott Ian "Celebrating the art and pure awesomeness of monster makeup and gore effects, Fangoria and Scott Ian have teamed up with the Nerdist Channel to bring you the all new show "Blood & Guts". Showcasing a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the greatest FX artists working today pull off their amazing work.". I love special effects work, I still have a VHS of a behind-the-scenes on Ray Harryhausen's work we taped from the telly when I was little. Clash of the Titans was one of my favourites as a kid.
  • Lost Girl - in case you didn't guess. I love this show.
  • Castle - Nathan Fillion is one of my favourite actors, he's brilliant! Castle is hilarious, gripping, intelligent and dramatic all at the same time. The recent two parter had me laughing, crying, shouting and awwing all within minutes!


  • Biffy Clyro - I've pretty much had their latest album Opposites on repeat since I bought it. I've seen them live a couple of times now and it's always been an amazing experience. They are blooming brilliant! Check out their youtube for some tracks if you haven't heard them already, though you have likely heard a Biffy Clyro song - some bloke called Matt Cardle who I assume won X-Factor or something covered Many Of  Horror, calling it "When We Collide" and I quickly had to give up explaining that he hadn't written it. Favourite tracks of mine are Black Chandelier, Opposite, Born on a Horse, Boom Blast and Ruin, Semi-Mental, Folding Stars and Glitter and Trauma (a few from every album there!)
  • Pseudopod weekly horror fiction in audio form straight to your ipod

& The Rest

  • Zero Noodes
  • Offers - Boots 3 for 2 is particularly dangerous!
  • Yogurt covered cranberries
  • MakeupBee - amazing for inspiration!

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