Friday, 12 April 2013

More Barry M Gelly Swatches

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint Dragon Fruit Plum Blood Orange Pomegranate
 My Gelly's collection is growing by the day, I still have my eye on the two blues as well! But here are some swatches from the other four Gelly Nail Paints I picked up over the month of March during my spending binge (I'm back on an unofficial ban now!). The shades I picked up were, left to right, Dragon Fruit, Plum, Blood Orange and Pomegranate. I'm loving the fruity names as well by the way Barry M, they're very apt for the season!

Barry M Gelly Dragon Fruit Swatch
This is Dragon Fruit, a gorgeous pale pink with little silver sparkles that I found impossible to photograph, BritNails did a way better job here. This one is pretty sheer compared to the rest and needed two thick coats to be really opaque.

Barry M Gelly Plum Swatch
Plum is a stunning dark purple and was opaque in one coat. One of my favourites to be honest.

Barry M Gelly Blood Orange Swatch
Blood Orange is a lovely orange-toned red as the name would suggest. Again this would be opaque in one coat, but I always do two.

Barry M Gelly Pomegranate Swatch
Pomegranate is a bright pink, darker than Grapefruit and totally stunning (must remember to swatch the two side by side soon). Great summer colour, this is two coats but I think you could get away with one.

Gelly polishes retail for £3.99 and are available at Boots, Superdrug, most major supermarkets or Barry M online.


  1. Are these polishes durable? Part of the reason I never paint my nails is that it's always chipped or peeling off by the end of the day! I think most of mine are Natural Collection... Loving the purple one most!!! :)

    1. I change my polish too often to know how really durable it is, but they certainly last a few days with just wear on the ends.

  2. If you dip a cotton bud in nail polish remover and just go round the 'messy' bits (we all get it, it's virtually impossible not to get small bits of paint on skin when doing nails) but that'd be a great easy way just to make them look a bit neater, cos they're so pretty otherwise!!

    I like the pomegranate best. Did you use a top coat over these?....

    1. No top coat they're just that shiny! :)
      I do need to clean up my swatches. I'll remember the cotton bud tip thanks! :)

  3. Pomegranate is just my kind of colour! Love it!

    1. It's gorgeous and bright. I'll be wearing it more this summer :)


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