Saturday, 8 June 2013

[Late] Friday Favourites

Sorry I'm a day late, PhD things and life and poor internet combined to prevent posting yesterday. 

Blog Love:

Loving this post from Phyrra about just being yourself
Ali from Zombies Wear Eyeliner shared a really interesting website for finding your dream foundation which sounds like something I could do with checking out.
Panda Tells All made a super awesome post on getting organised with some great tips!
With summer on it's way,and the sun actually being out right now it'simportant to rememberyour sunscreen. Beautiful with Brains post on do you really need SPF 100? is an interesting reminder that higher isn't always better.
In relation to a news story this week about Stephen Fry, The Crumpet has this very important post about why we shouldn't sex up suicide. It's a very serious and devastating thing and well, sometimes the media and the public forget that. Daily Mail I am looking at you in particular.
There are some stunning looking Barry M limited edition summer colours swatched over at Brit Nails

Other things I've been loving this week:

The Zombie Song by Stephanie Mabey is frakking amazing. Zombies need love too.
NBC's Hannibal is awesome and was recently renewed for a second season.


Loooong days. Seriously, is this what work is like? I wake up at 7, leave the house at 8am, get back between 7:30 and 8pm and die. And that's just a PhD! It's not even 9-5, more like 10ish-5:30. I do skip lunch though...


  1. Thanks for the mention lovely! Love your Friday Favourites, gives me so much to read over the weekend, especially that Phyrra post! xx

    1. No problem :) And new reading material is always a winner =]

  2. Wow you are having long days! Keep it up =3


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