Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Supernatural Makeup; Crowley

"Was a punk-ass crossroads demon. Now? King of hell".

Crowley was the son of a witch, who may or may not have sold his soul for an extra three inches. He worked his way up hell's bureaucratic ladder, from Crossroads demon to King of the Crossroads and Lillith's right hand man to, finally, King of Hell. He's sold sin to saints for centuries and will happily [if you ignore the snark and innuendo] work with anyone to get his way, from siding with the Winchesters to stick the Devil back in his cage, to working with Castiel to get to Purgatory. Just... don't get in his way. As a witches son and a powerful demon he can really make you pay if he needs to, as many have found to their cost. Oh, and don't bother with hellhounds, his is bigger ;)

Crowley is my favourite Supernatural character, and pretty much has been since he first turned up.I do love a good villain, even if Mark Sheppard refuses to believe Crowley is evil. He's just so awesome, he's funny with his sarcasm and snark and love of making people feel uncomfortable, he's one of the smartest characters on the show AND he can really be wicked when he wants to. Seriously, tick him off and you're totally and utterly screwed. He even managed to cross Castiel AND Dick Roman. The man is a genius, and he looks gooood in his suit. Crowley is a snappy dresser, despite demons eating his tailor. His nicknames for the boys are great, Moose and Squirrel [he loves Moose really], and his breakdown in the finale... oh lord the tears. He watches HBO, who knew? Seriously, I could go on for days about how much I adore Crowley.
Oh and no, I have not forgiven Sam for what he did to my Crowley or his pup =[.

"Submit or die? What are you, French?"

Geek Chic Hellfire on inner lid, Fyrinnae Scarlet Macaw on rest of lid and as the heart, Geek Chic King of Hell on outer corner and crease, George liner and eyebrow pencil, Maybelline falsies mascara.

Not a song, just, Crowley's is bigger. I love him, and his dog [Growley apparently]

ps. If all goes well, Mark Sheppard will be at Asylum 12 next May... guess who else will be there? I'm excited already!

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