Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Victorian Disco Azeroth Collection Swatches

These are just a few shades from the World of Warcraft themed Azeroth collection at Victorian Disco Cosmetics. I'm not a WoW player myself, but these are some lovely colours, I already want to buy more.

Victorian Disco Azeroth Swatches

All shadows were swatched over Pixie Epoxy and photographed in natural light. The highlighter was swatched over bare skin. Descriptions were taken from the Victorian Disco site.

Kirin Tor - Pinky purple red with a strong golden sheen
Victorian Disco Kirin Tor Swatch

Shadowform - Black blue base with a strong purple sheen and purple shimmers
Victorian Disco Shadowform Swatch
Victorian Disco Shadowform Swatch
 this second picture is closer to the colour in real life, it wants to photograph bluer for some reason

Hero Class - Deep copper with a golden sheen and copper sparkles
Victorian Disco Hero Class Swatch

Victorian Disco Hero Class Swatch
For the Horde! - Deep red base with a red sheen
Victorian Disco For The Horde Swatch

The Dream Clow Highlighter - Light shimmery champagne highlighter
Victorian Disco The Dream Swatch
Favourites for me are Kirin Tor and Hero Class. Shadowform is beautiful too.

Everything shown can be purchased from Victorian Disco Cosmetics:
Single shades:
Sample Baggie - 1/4tsp $1.25
Mini - 1gr $2.25
Full Size - 2gr $5.50
Highlighter - mini 3gr $3.50, full size 6gr $7.50
Whole collection can be purchased together here 
Sample Baggie - 1/4tsp $31.00
Mini - 1gr $55.00
Full Size - 2gr $115.00

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