Thursday, 18 July 2013

Victorian Disco Care Package Glitters + 2

And for the last six swatches I have four of the sadly now discontinued Care Package Glitters and a bonus two shades from the Galaxy Far, Far Down The Street collection all from Victorian Disco Cosmetics.

All of the shadows were swatched over Pixie Epoxy and photographed in natural light. Eyeshadow descriptions are taken from the Victorian Disco Site.

Victorian Disco Care Package Glitters Swatches

Steady Aim - Holographic Silver
Victorian Disco Steady Aim Swatch

Riot Shield - Purple Glitter
Victorian Disco Riot Shield Swatch

Tac Nuke - Black/Brown with Rainbow Glitter
Victorian Disco Tac Nuke Swatch

Choppa Gunna - Black Holographic Silver
Victorian Disco Choppa Gunna Swatch

and the two Star Wars shades

Victorian Disco Outer Rim The Fett Swatch

Outer Rim - Medium Blue with a Violet Sheen [unfortunately also discontinued]
Victorian Disco Outer Rim Swatch

The Fett -Forest Green Based with Red Sparkles
Victorian Disco The Fett Swatch
Victorian Disco The Fett Swatch

I love all the glitters to bits. Glitter addict here! The Fett is my new favourite green!

Single shades:
Sample Baggie - 1/4tsp $1.25
Mini - 1gr $2.25
Full Size - 2gr $5.50


  1. The Fett is so freaking awesome! I LOVE the Star Wars eyeshadows! That is what made me a huge fan of VDC!

    1. They are awesome, I love VDC eyeshadows


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