Monday, 11 November 2013

Victorian Disco Cosmetics New House Points Collection Swatches

Recently I grabbed a bunch of samples from the new Victorian Disco Cosmetics collection, based off the Harry Potter series, the House Points Collection [a replacement of the old House Points collection I swatched here]

All the swatches were done over pixie epoxy and photographed under a daylight bulb thanks to fantastic British weather. Descriptions are taken from the Victorian Disco website.

Victorian Disco House Points Swatch

The Amazing Bouncing Ferret - Golden white with a red shift.
Victorian Disco Amazing Bouncing Ferret Swatch

So Many Owls - A bright neutral with brown, copper and white sparkles.
Victorian Disco So Many Owls Swatch

Why Is It Always You Three? - Gold with a red shift.
Victorian Disco Why is it Always You Three? Swatch

The Life and Lies - Deep purple with silver and gold sparkles.
Victorian Disco The Life and Lies Swatch
 I'd recommend normal primer not pixie epoxy with this as it's a matte base

Room of Requirement - Bright purple with a blue/green shift.
Victorian Disco Room of Requirement Swatch

 Slugs - Deep brown with a slimy greenish taupe sheen.
Victorian Disco Slugs Swatch

Favourites of mine are So Many Owls, Room of Requirement and Slugs.    

All shadows can be purchased from Victorian Disco Cosmetics
Single shades:
Sample Baggie - 1/4tsp $1.00
Sample Jar - 1/3tsp $1.50
Mini - 1gr $2.25
Full Size - 2gr $5.50
Large Full Size - 4gr $7.25 
Full Collection [35 shadows]:
Sample Baggies - 1/4tsp $28.25
Sample Jar - 1/3tsp $47.80
Minis - 1gr $70.90
Full Sized - 2gr $164.60
Large Full Size - 4gr $216.55


  1. Stop making me want to buy things! x

    1. haha, it's payback for all the gorgeous clothes you make me want to buy =P x

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  3. Hi, love your swatches. & 'Slugs' is just gorgeous. Do you know if the sample + mini jars come with the cute top labels?


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