Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Victorian Disco Right Before Christmas Swatches

Victorian Disco Right Before Christmas Swatches

And a bonus Sailor Venus! 
I picked up Sailor Venus and Halloween Town with my House Points Collection order, and Ashley kindly included Jack & Sally and Kidnap Sandy Claws as free samples.

All the swatches were done over pixie epoxy and photographed under a daylight bulb thanks to fantastic British weather. Descriptions are taken from the Victorian Disco website.

Sailor Venus - Very similar to the old Sailor Venus, except a bit brighter and with more gold sparkles.
Victorian Disco Sailor Venus Swatch

Halloween Town - Deep black with orange and copper sparkles.
Victorian Disco Halloween Town Swatch

Jack and Sally - Light pale blue with orange shimmers.
Victorian Disco Jack & Sally Swatch

Kidnap Sandy Claws -Blackened red with green shimmers.
Victorian Disco Kidnap Sandy Claws Swatch

Halloween Town is my favourite, look at those sparkles!

All shadows can be purchased from Victorian Disco Cosmetics
Single shades:
Sample Baggie - 1/4tsp $1.00
Sample Jar - 1/3tsp $1.50
Mini - 1gr $2.25
Full Size - 2gr $5.50
Large Full Size - 4gr $7.25

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  1. GORGEOUS! I can't wait until I get my order :D


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