Friday, 3 January 2014

Friday Favourites


Blog Love:

  • I should have posted this way earlier, but it's still a good post to read whatever time of year. Sami at That Redhead Said posted about Christmas Sober
  • Honeybee in the City wrote a post about her holiday traditions which is sweet and a great insight into her life
  • I loved Pretty Making's 5 favourite looks of 2013
  • Deja wrote an awesome reply to the ideal palette tag, which is a tag I want to try out soon!
  • I just cannot get over how amazingly stunning this New Years Eve look from Nancy at Dark Side of Beauty is. And glitter! I love glitter.
  • I like Turquoise, it's not sparkly but it can be super interesting in my opinion. It's also the birthstone of December and the final look in Madame Noire's birthstone series.
  • And if you need some new reading material in 2014, The Crumpet posted a list of blogs to watch. I know I'll be adding a couple to my list.

Other things I've been loving this week:

  • Orange is the New Black. I am way behind but enjoying catching up on shows I missed last year during my break. I don't know how I didn't watch this before, but I marathoned it pretty quickly. So, how long until S2 starts?
  • SHERLOCK IS BACK! Also, I'd like to re-designate my sexuality as the way that first kiss went, y'know, that one.
  • Ideas. I suddenly have a whole bunch I need to work on. Now I just need more time to do it! (and better lighting!)

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for your lovely mention <3
    I love your Friday favs!
    I also marathoned through Orange is the New Black! Definitely want to see season 2.


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