Sunday, 16 February 2014

Youtube Favourites


Vintage or Tacky one of the first youtubers I followed and still one of my favourites. I absolutely adore Cora, she has great style and amazing talent and always comes across as a wonderfully friendly and cheerful person. I love watching her videos even if I'm not trying to recreate the look or planning on buying the products she's reviewing.

Goldiestarling another early subscription, I found Angie through Cora. She doesn't upload as often and a lot of her looks are more artistic than day-to-day wearable, but I am so awed at her talent every time I watch. I'm not suprised she won a Ve Neil scholarship.

xSparkage another long time subscription, Leesha is just so cheerful and sweet I can't help but love her videos. She's also talented and creative and her reviews are usually pretty clear and in depth. I enjoy her life updates as well, which she has been doing more of since getting pregnant.

LetzMakeup aside from the fact she's Irish and I adore her accent, I love her style and her honesty in reviews. As well as the great makeup looks she puts together.

Sharon Makeupartist I found Sharon through LetzMakeup and honestly she's lovely, she's a pro makeup artist as well and really knows her stuff, but she also seems like such a friendly, warm, approchable person. I love watching her videos and the looks she does are often great wearable ones that I've tried to recreate before. 

Sokolum79 um, gothic style and amazing skills anyone? I was pretty late to the game in finding Sokolum on youtube but I haven't regretted subscribing. I love her edgy look and the clear tutorials she puts together.

Pinkstylist if you want super creative SFX and hyper-realistic character looks then Pinkstylist is one of the top youtubers out there. I am always floored by the extent of the transformations he can achieve, becoming Lady Gaga one video, then Jack Sparrow and even Slenderman. He is simply amazing, I can't reccomend his videos enough!

Michael James is stunning, talented and creative. I really love his channel for his colourful and wild looks, which is the kind of stuff I gravitate towards when I can. And he seems like such a friendly and kind soul too. Plus he makes me laugh, which is never a bad thing!

oneupmakeup makeup tutorials inspired by all kinds of geeky and fandom related things? Hell yes! There really need to be more fandom and geek makeup channels out there. The group of girls behind this all seem to be great friends and that comes across in the videos, their banter and ease with each other makes them a joy to watch. I really love this channel


MentalFloss want a round up of interesting facts hosted by John Green? Then look no further. With everything from cocktails to hoaxes, whenever there's a new video up I find myself entranced and learning all  kinds of new useless information. One day some of it might come in handy in a pub quiz!
Geek and Sundry Vlogs has everything from comic books to music going via diy and money saving tips for broke geeks. If you have a geeky interest then there's probably a host that covers it, right now my favourites are Dael Kingsmill and 2 Broke Geeks. And they technically have beauty covered too with Katie Satow.
Scishow I'm one hell of a science nerd, in case you didn't know, and SciShow has great videos about scientific news as well as teaching and answering questions about all kinds of science related topics. I love learning new things and Hank Green is an awesome host.
Emergency Awesome for his episode and movie analysis videos, as well as his con panel videos which are all so well filmed with stellar audio. I get excited whenever there's a new video up.

What about you guys? Which youtube channels would you reccomend I check out?


  1. I love most and follow most of the channels you mentioned! I love everything that John and Hank do, so I absolutely love MentalFloss!!

  2. Know some of them, I dont watch much your tube doe time, but Sokolum79 is a very nice person, she always answer comments and also had lil chat with her she used to live in Holland for a short time , I lived there for 10 years.


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