Thursday, 27 March 2014

Effeclar Duo [+] Review

Effeclar Duo [+] Review

So when this first came out Boots ran an offer where you could buy it for around £11 rather than the usual and since the original Effeclar Duo has been on my list of things I really must try for probably around a year now I finally bit the bullet and picked it up.

La Roche-Posay describe this product as 
La Roche-Posay introduces new Effaclar DUO[+] anti-blemish cream, specifically formulated to target the key signs of oily, blemish-prone skin. Clinically proven to correct the appearance of blemishes. Unclogs pores and refine the look of skin texture. This daily skincare solution is suitable even for sensitive skin.
Effeclar Duo [+] Review

I've been using this for probably around a month now, in the evenings, though I may have occasionally missed a day. Spoilers, I am not amazed by this product. Especially not for the price tag. I have been trying to improve my diet too, more water and fruit/veg, not doing amazingly but still. Either way, my skin hasn't improved all that much. I got one massive sore under-the-skin type spot soon after I began using it, but with these things they can brew for a while, and I did think for a little while my forehead was getting less bumpy and maybe it has, but not drastically so, and my chin is as bad as ever. As far as the claims it can be used on sensitive skin go, this made my cheeks burn - though my cheeks can be pretty bad for products as I believe I have rosacea (redness and broken veins there...). But do be careful.

It's not all bad! As I say there may have been some improvement in my forehead area, and it does help keep my skin more matte throughout the day. Plus it feels great on application, totally non-greasy and sinks into the skin quickly and easily. I do think my skin feels nicer to the touch. It isn't actually a moisturiser (hence why the La Roche-Posay website says this can be used in combination with a moisturiser) so it's a good idea to use a moisturiser as well. I mostly just apply this to my problem areas - chin, nose and forehead - especially with the reaction on my cheeks.

But overall I am not impressed. It didn't deliver the results it promises and while it feels nice it isn't something I can justify spending the full price of £15.50 on.

This is going to be a controversial post isn't it? Everyone loves this product... oops!
Please remember that, as with all skincare reviews, this is totally subjective and what doesn't work on my skin might work wonders for you (as proven by the vast number of beauty bloggers who call this a holy grail). Maybe one day I'll come back and try this again when I have my diet properly sorted out and I'll love it, but until then I'll use up this tube and not repurchase for now.

Effeclar Duo [+] retails at £15.50 from Boots, several Chemists including Loyds and online in places such as Amazon.


  1. I keep thinking this is a real must have! x

    1. It does seem to work wonders for a lot of people. I think it's certainly worth a try if you can


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