Wednesday, 23 April 2014

MakeUp Revolution Lipstick Swatches and First Impressions

After seeing Hannah post about MakeUp Revolution and their awesome crazy lipstick shades I may have gotten a bit over excited and very quickly placed an order, one which arrived even more quickly! Within two-three days in fact. I picked up three lipsticks from their Scandalous Collection, one from their Vamp Collection and an eyeshadow that looked a lot like NYX Taupe blush to try as a contour (having forgotten I just bought the NYX Taupe on eBay, oops!). I'll be posting about that eyeshadow later, first the most exciting bit - lipstick!

The packaging for these is lovely, very much like the MUA lipsticks and the Collection Deluxe range, with a sophisticated looking black case and the colour sample of the lipstick on the end. As far as I can tell the ends of these don't come off, unlike some other brands though that might just be me lacking strength or missing the knack to taking them off. If anyone knows please do tell me. Once they were opened I will admit my first impression was that the lipsticks looked a bit cheap, slightly plasticky with the seam along the side, but looks aren't everything and if I had judged these as plasticky just from the looks I would be so so wrong! These lipsticks are soft and smooth on application, they feel super moisturising and luxurious. The closest comparison I have in my small lipstick stash for the feel is the Revlon Super Lustrous. I can't comment on wear time for all of the shades, as I've only swatched most and to be fair these are mostly not shades I would wear on a day to day basis – more for creative or night out things. However I did wear Vice for a day and it lasted a couple of hours though that was with ecigarette use which would wear away some of the colour. It didn't last through eating and there does look like some staining at the edges of my lips, though this is also where the last of the lipstick stays as it wears away. So not the longest lasting of products, but for £1 not atrocious. Application is mostly great, I had a few issues with Immoral and 100% Vamp to get full even coverage, but I think those issues could probably be solved with a lipliner or foundation base to erase some of my lip colour.


For reference this is what my lips look like makeup free:

MakeUp Revolution Immoral Swatch

Immoral is one of the shades I was most excited about, I mean when do you see a blue lipstick for a reasonable price? Especially one of this quality. It's a lovely baby blue shade, and really creamy - though as you can see this caused me some problems with application being a little streaky. I think this could be fixed by using foundation to lighten my lips under the lipstick, as mine are quite pink which is showing through. This is a gorgeous and unique shade though, and I can't wait to do some fun looks with it. (And if they ever release a green I'll be all over that like white on rice, I've never seen a real green for under £10).

MakeUp Revolution Vice Swatch

Vice. Hello perfect summer shade! This is a gorgeous, gorgeous orange, much more wearable than it looks in the tube and just the perfect bold summer lip. This was probably my favourite to apply, went on like butter and with a beautifully even colour. Zero effort for maximum payoff, I am in love.

Depraved was the colour I was most excited for, and hasn't disappointed. Granted, not a colour I'm at all brave enough to wear often, but like Vice it applied absolutely beautifully and the colour is so opaque and feels amazing on the lips. Pastels are so spring and this would be a great spring shade for braver girls (or guys!) than me. Still planning to wear it in fun looks, no way is this lipstick going unloved.

MakeUp Revolution 100% Vamp Swatch

100% Vamp is another purple, I do love purples, and a gorgeous deep dark shade. So it might be spring, I'm a sucker for a dark lip. I spotted this browsing and thought it would be the perfect replacement for my Accessorize lipstick in Passionate, which is a great dark purple but also drying and patchy as hell. This isn't drying, however it does have some slight patchyness on application for me.You can see it most on the top lip in these swatches. I'll still be picking this up for nights out and it'll get a lot of love in autumn and winter. 

I'm supposed to be saving money otherwise I'd probably place another order for more lipsticks right now, they have so many great shades and at £1 each they are amazing value for money!

Makeup Revolution is available from the Makeup Revolution website or Superdrug. These lipsticks cost £1 each (as do a great many other products in their range)


  1. i think vice and 100% vamp look really lovely! i don't know if i could wear a color like depraved on its own, but it would be fun to layer it with other colors to see what you come up with!

  2. Thank you for those photos! I want the purple lipstick but I am not quite sure it´s the right shade what I am looking for.


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