Monday, 17 November 2014

USA Wishlist

Apologies for the lateness of this post today, internet issues.

This weekend I'm going to be jetting off to the States for three weeks of rest and fun, visiting Vegas, Florida and New Orleans, while I'm out there I figured I might as well do some shopping and get my hands on some of those awesome little bits and pieces that we don't get over here in the UK. First up are the two biggest 'drugstore' names I've heard recently, especially as it's extremely unlikely I'll be in Sephora and even more unlikely that I'll be willing to part with that number of dollars for an eyeshadow or lipstick
1. Wet n Wild Fergie Take on the Day primer. People are always talking about how amazing this is, and while I may have just picked up a Smashbox primer in October (pre convention) it can never hurt to have a lot of primers right?
2. NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk. Alright, it's another primer/base type thing but everyone keeps saying this is amazing.
There's also still always the possibility I'll pick up some Essie or Sally Hansen polishes, as last time I went to the states (two years ago) I grabbed a bottle of Shine of the Times in Target for $7. Which I still have and love deeply.

As we'll be off galavanting around the Disney and Universal parks while we're in Florida I thought I'd check out the online rundown or the kinds of things I could pick up there and single out a couple of things to keep an eye on.
1. Hogwarts House Badges to show my nerdy house pride. I'm kind of a Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff hybrid. I like learning about all kinds of things but I'm not that smart, and I like to think that I'm kind and loyal. Honestly I'd probably be put in Hufflepuff.
2. WAND! This is Bellatrix's, and it is stunning. It's the best colour and shape, and Bellatrix is amazing.
3. Jack Skellington Ornament I'm not really a Christmas person, but I do like Jack Skellington and this is pretty cute.
If I have enough spare money I'll more than likely be picking up some Haunted Mansion and Dragon related things too. Because it's never too early or too late for spooky stuff and who doesn't love dragons?!

Other bits and bobs I'm hoping to pick up include Splenda, US version. I'm sorry, it's probably so very bad for me, but dear god that stuff is like crack. It's the extra sweetness. I have one hell of a sweet tooth.
Some stuff from Hot Topic, because Hot Topic.
I may well also pick up a souvenir or two from New Orleans, I'm hoping to grab something Voodoo related or otherwise spooky, and maybe some cocktail related souvenirs as my sister and I plan on doing a little drinking while we're out there if we can.

Have you ever been to New Orleans or Orlando Disney and Universal parks? Do you have any must-do things for me, or must buys while I'm out there?

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