Thursday, 12 February 2015

52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge: Purple Hearts

I need to do more fun nail stuff so, after the lovely Katie over at Katie's Lost and Found (fyi you should totally go check out her awesome nail art) suggested it to me, I've started dipping into Crumpet's 52 Week Pick n Mix Nail Art Challenge, which can be found on the Crumpet's Nail Tarts group. I can't promise I'll do all the weeks, mostly because I'm totally lazy and also because I might not have the stuff. Though the idea is there are two prompts and you can either do one of them, or both of them (either combined or as two separate manis if you have the time). It makes more sense if you read the doc on the group.

This week (9th Feb) the challenge was purple and/or hearts. I can do purple and I can do hearts so I combined the two :). It's not the greatest or the neatest manicure I've ever done, but a step up from the just one or two colours I've been doing recently. Besides, it's getting back into it that counts for me right now.

Anyway, onto the pictures. They're not great, and I'd managed to snag my nails with no time to repaint, but you'll get the jist.

Polishes used: Barry M Plum as a base, with Barry M Silvery Lilac over the thumb and pinkie. Ring finger has a coat of Barry M Caspian, the hearts are George Molten Metals in Pirate and Barry M Silvery Lilac (though you can't see those much). Black outlines were done with the Barry M Nail Art Pen.

My collection is indeed 90% Barry M, what gives it away? haha. Anyway, I hope you liked.

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