Sunday, 22 February 2015

A to Z of Me: M


Music РTo repeat the old clich̩, music has saved my life several times. I'm not very musically talented myself, I'm tone deaf and only got to grade one piano, but I love listening to music (and yes, singing along badly) and often find myself relating to the words and expressing feelings I am otherwise unable to by using song choices. It's really freeing and if I could explain it better it would be a great way of explaining to people how I'm really feeling.

Mythology – I grew up reading (and listening to) more mythology stories than almost anything else. I've kind of lost my memory for some of it, but as a youngster I could school the average person on Greek, Norse and Roman mythology for days. Especially the first two. I also knew a few stories from Native American and African (those being how it was listed, I'm sure that's un-PC and makes me a racist). I still deeply love mythology, it's one of the reasons I like the Thor movies more than I probably should.

Money – I am bad with it. I'm trying to get better. I very rarely take money out of the “lifetime savings” account (ie. The savings account my mum started before I was born that's been going my whole life. It is healthy looking, and will go towards a house) and I now have a seperate savings account for conventions and gifts. But still, managing money is something I struggle with. I go between periods of crazy spending, see all my eyeshadow hoard, and never wanting to spend any money, see it taking me nearly a month to even start looking for a new phone after mine broke, seriously I used a £9 Nokia brick for over a month. I am trying to work it out though, so win!

Maternal Instinct – I do not, in fact, have one. No really. Crotchgoblins do not like me, I once pointed out that a fetus was not entirely dissimilar to a teratoma and I do not have the patience to handle a misbehaving demon. It's not that I hate kids, I just have extremely low tolerance levels and children rarely fall within them. Plus babies are super ugly and I do not want to get fat and go through agonising hell.

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