Sunday, 22 March 2015

A to Z of Me: O


  • Outdoors – I love being outdoors (uh, rain aside), I feel much better when I can be outside in the fresh air. Days when I've been cooped up inside all day are days when my mood goes floorwards and in a bad way. I feel awful and upset and my anxiety levels go through the roof.
  • Octopus – I'm kind of obsessed with octupuses right now. I mean, tentacles are fascinating anyway *insert “meanwhile in Japan” joke here* but octupuses in general are just so cool. I mean look at all these facts!
  • Orthodontist – I had braces as a kid, mostly to just move some teeth forwards so that I didn't end up needing a bunch of work done later to allow my wisdom teeth to come in, or worse – work on my wisdom teeth. It also rejigged a few of my front teeth, the lower ones have gone back to being wonky, but my canine (which my adult tooth had started growing in blooming sideways!) is fine. Plus I got to have purple and black bands on them, which was awesome.
  • Organisation – something which I totally lack! Haha. I do enjoy putting things in specially allocated places and writing lists and trying to be organised, but then I end up with twenty different boxes for things and it just creates more mess. As for trying to get things done... well I always forget something and rush last minute. I'm a wreck.
  • Obedient – okay so I had some headstrong teenage years but now I would much rather just follow instructions and do what I'm told and just generally be one of the sheep. Unless you're talking feminism/mental health issues, then I speak out. But in work, just don't rock the boat. I like being one of the mindless worker drones okay?

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  1. so we share the same way of 'organisation' -_-° i just overorganize everything :-P


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