Sunday, 29 March 2015

A to Z of Me: P


Piercings – I have eight of them and I want more, if I can get over the fear of pain I have every time I go for one (I plan to get the other side of my nose pierced, or possibly my septum, once it's warmed up and I'm not a snotty mess haha). I've liked piercings, especially the less 'standard' ones for a long time. Since well before I was old enough to get any by myself. I think I was 12 or 13 and browsing BMEzine (if any of you remember that!) and loving the surface piercings and stretched ears. Of course as soon as my first ear piercings were healed I started stretching them. If anyone would like to know more about my piercings or the process of stretching them or anything then I'd happily do some posts on them, just ask!

Podcasts – I've mentioned podcasts in a few of these posts, that's because listening to them takes up a large part of my time. Perhaps takes up is the wrong phrase, I like having sound playing when I am doing things, I don't like being in the quiet – I get anxious and distracted and it generally isn't constructive for me. Most of the time if you see me with a headphone and not on youtube/watching tv in I am either listening to a podcast or some kind of audiobook, I do have music playlists that I listen to as well, but podcasts are my listening material a lot of the time. I learn things from them and they're great ways of getting more indepth analysis and break downs of tv shows I'm invested in. Some of my favourite podcasts are (in no particular order): Caustic Soda, Night of the Living Podcast, Nerdist, The Devil You Know (Constantine), the How Stuff Works network of podcasts, A Matter of Taste (Hannibal), Last Podcast on the Left, Sawbones and Supernatural The Road So Far.

Puns – I really like puns, good or bad. I'm the kind of person who laughs at “Dad jokes” and thinks “oh deer” was one of the best Christmas jumpers I saw all year. I also really like slightly dirty puns, well I like dirty jokes of all kinds. I have a terrible sense of humour.

Purple – Guess what my favourite colour is....

Procrastination – I am a terrible procrastinator, as I mentioned when I talked about lists (link) I can make to-do lists for days, but I just waste time getting more and more detailed and not getting things done. I'll also trap myself down internet rabbit holes while doing actual research and end up not getting the work done I was supposed to. And that's before I've started taking a five minute break to go on reddit. Yeah, it's surprising I get anything done whatsoever. I'm getting better at not procrastinating and actually USING my lists.

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  1. I'm craving a new piercing so badly but I can't decide what to get!


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