Wednesday, 30 January 2013

50 Facts About Me & NOTW

Late one today. I'm currently watching "The Mary Berry Story" on catch up in my PJs and sipping tea after finishing my second day of volunteering. It's been pretty good, I haven't learned how to use the till yet - which I'm gutted about (I'm so cool) but I've made up price tickets, entered gift aid and organised letters to businesses. There is one guy working there who's a bit creepy (even after talking about my boyfriend a lot he kept getting way into my personal space and going on about how he lives alone and it gets lonely sometimes o.O) but everyone is friendly and helpful and I do like it. No idea how I'd cope with a real job though - I feel a bit knackered after two 5hr days! So lazy.

NOTW: Collection Hot Looks in 44 Parma Violets on ring finger, Nails Inc Victoria on other fingers. Silver dots are Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish in 239 Your Majesty, with Collection sparkle top coat and Rimmel pro matte top coat.

I've been seeing the "Facts About Me" tag all over the blogosphere lately and I thought it would be an interesting thing to do so you can all get to know me a little.

  1. My middle name is Victoria
  2. I have a Chemistry degree (but physics was my best subject at A-Level!)
  3. I'm a sweetener addict, I use way too many of them (also I drink way too much tea and Pepsi Max)
  4. I only just started to learn to drive at the age of 21
  5. I spent more time with my Grandparents in Luton as a child than I did at home (Mum travels a lot for work) and as a result picked up a bit of a southern twang to my accent. 
  6. I am still dating my first ever boyfriend.
  7. My favourite bands are A Day to Remember and Aiden
  8. I was born at 00:02 on the 7th February 1991 (the exact date I was expected - best timekeeping of my life!)
  9. My hair has been pretty much every colour of the rainbow
  10. I only started wearing makeup at 16 because all the other girls teased me, I only really got into it around 18!
  11. I was bullied from primary school through to college *tiny violin* 
  12. I am in utter love with Gothic style (a lot of it, from Victoriana & corsets to platform boots, fishnet and all that jazz) but not confident enough to wear it out and about.
  13. I'm extremely shy and fail at normal social interaction
  14. I'm a science geek
  15. Despite this I am fairly easily drawn in by weight-loss gimmicks and alternative therapies
  16. I struggle with working out which is my right and which is my left, I need to think it over
  17. I have the freakiest ribcage, it sticks out at the bottom as if it slants like this \ but the left side stick out about an inch more than the right. It's never been broken, it's just weird.
  18. I struggle to make healthy choices (like an apple instead of a chocolate bar)
  19. I love horror movies, it's been ages since one scared me though
  20. I love tea, but I only started branching out past the typical Tetley this year - Vanilla Chai is now my go-to relaxation drink.
  21. I am a mega procrastinator, it's a miracle I passed my exams at all. I am queen of tomorrows - "I'll revise tomorrow", "I'll start eating more healthily tomorrow" etc etc
  22. I have 7 piercings, only one of which is not stretched to some degree (12mm & 6mm in each ear, nose is 1.6mm and lip is 2.4mm at present...).
  23. I have been planning my tattoo for years, I'm still too chicken to get it
  24. I am terrified of falling (even standing on a wobbly stool more than a few inches from the ground scares the bajeebus out of me), spiders and I hate clowns and bugs.
  25. Horses are my favourite animals, I've wanted one since I was a child.
  26. I am perma-cold
  27. I swear like a sailor, I really need to get it in check.
  28. I have a younger sister who is pretty much my polar opposite - tall, blonde, confident, popular, stylish and stunning.
  29. York and the Yorkshire Dales are possibly my favourite places in the world.
  30. I have travelled to 7 different countries.
  31. If I had to move to one of the places I've been overseas it would either be Lake Como, Italy (most beautiful place ever) or Copenhagen, Denmark.
  32. I experience ASMR
  33. In Primary school I was one of the smartest kids in the class and proud of it (probably explains the bullying!)
  34. Vanilla is my favourite scent
  35. I wanted to be a Vet when I was younger. I changed my mind after doing work experience in a veterinary surgery where I saw a cat getting spayed, only for them to find out she was pregnant (too young, babies had to be euthanised :()
  36. I worry too much about what others think of me
  37. I can be far too hard on myself.
  38. I'm obsessed with high heels, but almost never wear them (I don't go out and I can't walk far in them)
  39. In second year of Uni my next door neighbours were drug dealers!
  40. I still don't feel like a grown up, even though I technically am.
  41. My grandparents both have Alzheimer's, I scare myself when I think of the same happening to me
  42. My parents are divorced. I never see my dad (never really did).
  43. I spend way way way too much time on Reddit
  44. I love palindromes, especially palindromic numbers
  45. I used to spend all my free time learning - Ancient Egypt/Greece/Rome and the relative Mythology, Norse Mythology, Dinosaurs etc... I wish I still had the concentration for it. 
  46. My cheeks go red very easily
  47. Milk pretty much always smells off to me
  48. Broccoli is one of my favourite foods
  49. I like the smell of hair dye and bleach
  50. I make squash really strong


  1. I love when bloggers do 'random fact' posts, really shows their personalities! I really love learning about mythology too, I find it fascinating :) My grandmother also died of Alzheimer's, its such a terrifying disease. I get worried about my mam getting it a lot :(
    Grace xoxo

    1. I'm sorry you're dealing with the same kinds of worries *squish*.
      I do love the random fact posts too, I'm nosy! xD


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