Friday, 18 January 2013

Friday Favourites

Five things I've been loving this week:
1. MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - I have never been a massive fan of neutrals and never thought I'd love this palette as much as I did when my sister bought it me for Christmas. But I've used this palette four out of seven days this week, even if just to pick out a single colour. I'm really loving it.
2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - lots of people love this and for good reason. One of the best budget concealers out there, perfect for hiding my dark circles and recent breakouts.
3. Gok Wan - He's back on telly doing what he does best, styling the nation! I do love Gok, something which increased massively after reading his autobiography (another awesome Christmas present) and I've been really enjoying his new series "Gok's Style Secrets" where he helps singletons revamp their style and find a partner.
4. Fluffy blankets - self explanatory given recent temperatures! Though it does make getting out of bed in the mornings a bit of a problem.
5. Mugs of tea - I am an avid tea fiend, and would wither and die without my daily mugs of the wonderful stuff. I had a fasting blood test this morning and the lack of tea from 8pm Thursday until after my test at 10am today was far too long for me. Bedtime and morning cuppas are a necessity and I get quite grouchy without them!

On the flipside there are a few things I haven't loved about this week:
1. Fasting blood tests - no tea, early morning trek in the snow and sitting for ten minutes while the phlebotomist tries to work out exactly what they're supposed to be testing for (no one told me! I was just told to book a test and turn up) is not my idea of a fun Friday morning.
2. Job hunting - I know it's a hard time for all right now, but being turned down for even the most menial jobs despite having what I've been told is a decent degree gets a bit soul-destroying. Still, have to persevere, regardless of the many blows to my self-confidence.
3. Snow! Okay, so it's really pretty to look at and I do love jumping around in the stuff once it's settled. But trying to manage my daily walks with icy cold needles blowing at my increasingly sore face makes me start to resent it all.

Friday Blog Love:

A Daisy Chain Dream - Laura is a lovely person and her blog is just as lovely. She has a wonderful style (one which I envy greatly) and I usually leave her blog wanting to spend money I don't have on some of the gorgeous things she features.

Midnight Violets - Affordable products, great reviews, awesome looks and the coolest hair ever? Yes please! This blog convinced me to buy my first ever BB cream (the MUA one) which I love, and has been the inspiration for more than a few make up looks since I started reading.

Lucy's Stash - Nail polish swatches and some really easy to follow tutorials for interesting looks. Great for a massive range of nail polish brands as well, from indie to high street and over a spectrum of prices.

Jim's Chocolate Mission - Something totally different, but I am a total chocolate fiend and this site has some great reviews of everything from Cadburys to L'Artisan Du Chocolat, plus a whole range of imported chocolate goodies.

And to finish on a high I'm hoping to start voluntary work at the local British Heart Foundation store next week, which is a bonus - something to keep me busy and help fill out my CV. Smiles all round :)
Happy Friday folks! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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