Sunday, 27 January 2013

Recap Of The Week

Sundays are always a bit of a weird day for me. I don't exactly have a job to go to, to it isn't the usual “Monday's coming” blues, just a weird “so there goes another week...” kind of feeling. There's not much to do and with my mum being away and my sister pretty much living in her room, I feel a bit lonely. So instead I'm keeping busy thinking of new blog posts and trying to do a few household bits and bobs.
Anyhow, here is the week in review:
  • I failed at keeping up with blog posts. Sorry!
  • I managed to get earache and toothache at the same time. Thankfully my tooth is pretty much fine now, ear still hurts a little but it's healing.
  • My boyfriend got a job! He managed to beat me to it the git. But seriously I'm really happy for him, he deserves it. Plus I got to finally spend some time with him on Friday after two weeks apart which is brilliant :)
  • I'm starting volunteering at the local British Heart Foundation store on the shop floor on Tuesday, signed all the paperwork this week but thanks to feeling sick as a dog couldn't start yet.
  • SNOW! It's pretty, annoying (much needed appointment got cancelled thanks to it) and I'm sure means my usual walks end up being twice the workout, but I love it really.

  • I'm taking part in my first “proper” #bbloggers chat tonight! (you can learn more about the #bbloggers Sunday chats here if you didn't already know about them) 
  • And I joined the #bbloggers Blog Hop! Check it out here to join up or find new reading material 
  • American Horror Story ended. I really enjoyed this season, some episodes were a bit of a clusterfluff and certain characters didn't get the arcs I feel they deserved, but overall it was good and the ending was well done. 
  • I discovered a lot of awesome indie make up brands, which will probably come back to bite me when I have money. 

How has your week been?


  1. Nice photos! my week has been very cold!!

    I'm following from the #bbloggers blog hop!

    1. It has been a rather chilly week! Hopefully it warms up soon :)


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