Saturday, 26 January 2013

Weekend Wishlist

Somehow things managed to get super busy for me today, no idea how, somewhere between running errands for my grandma (she can't get out because of the snow) and my sister being home I lost track of time and only just managed to sit down and organise this post. Hopefully between now and Casualty I'll manage to bang out a couple to schedule for the week so I don't go awol again. Anyhow, onto the wishlist!

1. Indie Makeup! - So I've been going on and on about Geek Chic Cosmetics, Shiro Cosmetics & Glamour Doll Eyes since I discovered them. Plus a few other indie brands I'll probably end up rambling about next week. I am totally in love with te colours though, especially the Strange Aeons collection from Geek Chic (I do love a bit of cthulhu). I may ask the boyfriend for a GDE Samples Grab Bag for my birthday. I mean, how awesome are samples?!  
2. Iron Fist Sugar Hiccup Platforms - I probably never manage to wear them, but aren't they gorgeous?  
3. Portal Companion Cube Lunchbox - Not that I have anywhere to use it, but when I get a job (one day!) I will totally want to have a super cool lunchbox like this to take in. And companion cubes are just the greatest friends ;)  
4. Biffy Clyro – Opposites New Biffy Clyro album? Yes please!  
5. TruffleShuffle My Little Pony Teeshirt - I still own a bunch of old (G1 & I think some G2) My Little Pony models, plus I still have some of the books and the film on VHS. I do love the newest series too but as a kid I had the classics and that's still the aesthetic that appeals to me the most. Though I love Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle from the newest series. And Fluttershy, we'd be so alike.
6. A massage - No idea where I could get a professional one from, but I might be able to bribe a boyfriend.

Anyone else a My Little Pony fan? Either the new or old versions. Or do you put things on wishlists just because they look cool even if you'd never use them? Bonus internet points for those who can recommend me more cool indie brands to drool over x


  1. Indie makeup FTW!
    I love Shiro and GDE. I have yet to try Geek Chic though!

    1. Yay! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for birthday money to spend on them, everything looks so pretty!


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