Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday Favourites

Things I've been loving this week:
1. Comic Relief Bake Off - I'm an avid fan of the original Great British Bake Off, but somehow watching celebrities show off their culinary skills is even more exciting. Nope, I don't know either. Only problem is that this makes me want to bake, which isn't great when I'm trying NOT to gain weight before my birthday and I don't have anyone to give any baked treats to.
2. MUA BB Cream - Never been into BB creams before, but this is brilliant. See the review here for my full thoughts on this.
3. Drugs - namely painkillers and bonjela. With my current physical complaints (see below) I've been very thankful for painkillers as of late, even if just to help me get to sleep.
4. Blueberries - rediscovered my love for these after spotting boxes for only £1 in Asda. Delicious and good for you. These make a perfect snack to go with my goal to get a bit healthier.
5. The Newsflesh Triolgy by Mira Grant - Just finished listening to the audiobook versions of all three of these books (sucks, but my concentration doesn't let me read as much as I used to) and I was totally hooked! I laughed, nearly cried (which made me look a bit insane in Asda) and didn't want to stop listening. Seriously good trilogy of books if you enjoy a good zombie outbreak, with the storyline based around a team of bloggers and covering everything from relationships to mad science and government corruption with plenty of action thrown in. The website describes it much better than I ever could
6. Glade Colour Changing Candles - it still gets dark early and I love a good scented candle to make evenings more comforting, the fact these change colour as they burn just makes them even cooler. Vanilla is my favourite.

Things I haven't been loving:
1. Earache and toothache – I can't tell whether it's the toothache causing the earache or the other way around (or I'm just super unlucky) but it's not fun!
2. Boots Saccharin tablets - I picked these up because they were cheaper than the other sweeteners at the time, and I got 1000 of them. But not going to do that again, I don't know if it's just me – it seems to be – but these leave a horrible white scum on the top of my drink. Not impressed :(
3. The cold - I'm tired of it now. As much as I complained when it was warm enough to rain on Christmas rather than snow, I'm sick of being cold and blue all the time now. Can we have summer yet?

And some link love:
1. Thoughts of a Lunatic - this girl is amazing, seriously. Honest, funny and she makes you think, there's a reason her blog has been freshly pressed twice and it's more than worth your time to read. I'm proud to call her an online friend.
2. Foodstuff Finds - as I said, I'm a food junkie ;). For those in the UK this is a great place to spot new (and old) products out on the market and get the heads up on them before you buy.
3. Letz Makeup - one of my favourite Youtube Beauty gurus and her blog is a great place for reviews, tutorials and inspiration for new looks. I'm not ashamed to say I've half copied a few of her looks in the past (before this blog, I do try to credit when I get inspiration from elsewhere!).
4. oneupmakeup - geekery, makeup and hilarity. I just love this youtube channel for amusing videos with some pretty damn awesome makeup that comes out of them. They should have more subscribers.
5. Geek Chic Cosmetics - this is my porn I mean LOOK at it!. Seriously. Geekery-inspired makeup. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for birthday money so I can order some samples.

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