Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mini Boots, Bodycare & Superdrug Haul

So yesterday I might have done a naughty thing...
I nipped into town to pick up some new scrub, lipbalm and eyelash curlers (because I refuse to spend £4 on QVC ones in Asda when I know you can get them from Superdrug for less), ended up in Boots and Bodycare trying to compare prices and may have picked up some other things...

quick swatches of the colour tattoo & eyeliner. Left to right: Painted In Light/Liquid Light (it's labelled differently on the pot to the stand, I think it might eve be Light In Purple on the boots site! haha), Pink Gold, Timeless Black, Technic eyeliner (several swipes).

Giving the liner and the Painted in Light/Liquid Light colour tattoo a test run today. The liner is a bit stubborn as far as application (though I am using the tiny brush with it), as you can see it's a bit patchy and takes a few goes to get a good colour, but it lasts for-blooming-ever. I've had it on since about 10am and been out in the sun, squinting with watery eyes and my liner is still good, even on the waterline. The pot is so very small though, but it was only £1.49 and I wasn't expecting miracles. The Colour Tattoo is gorgeous, doesn't seem to be 24 hour wear on me though. It's only creased in my worst creasy bits, but it has (7ish hours in). Also with this shade I needed two coats to get as full a coverage as I'm used to with powder shadows. But I've never used cream shadow and this is first impressions so, might be me :).

Full reviews coming when I've actually test driven these properly.

Have you tried any of the Colour Tattoo shadows or the Technic liners? Curious to know your experiences.

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