Saturday, 2 March 2013

Weekend Wishlist

1. Milani Ultrafine Liquid Liners - I wish we could get Milani in the UK, these look amazing and so pigmented! 
2. EcoTools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set - I'm obsessed with brushes at the moment, I really want some I love. And I've heard EcoTools are brilliant, plus they're affordable and environmentally friendly!
3. Too Faced Shadow Insurance - needs no further explaination
4. Black Milk Wallpaper Foil Leggings - I think I love these more than I should. It sucks that Black Milk are so expensive and so far away :(
5. China Glaze Hologlams Collection - If I was rich I'd own millions of Holographic nail polishes. I adore them! Not 100% sure these have been properly released yet, though I might ask my mum to keep an eye out in the states for them as she's there for a week now.

Like any of my picks this week?
And does anyone have any reccomendations of things I should ask my mum to look out for? Stuff available at duty free or drugstore/Target/Walmart ect preferably as I doubt she can actually shop, it is a work trip.


  1. Aw the world of black milk clothing - I regularly covet items of theirs on an almost ill health creating level. You're very lucky you can wear purple, I cannot but that eyeliner is lovely.

    Random question, how do you make your 'wish list montage boards'?

    Have a good weekend please. xxx

    1. I use GIMP which is like a very basic free photoshop. I just save some product pictures from the company sites (where I can) and use GIMP to put a collage together. I think there are websites that do it too, it takes a while (especially if I'm being picky and using transparencies and stuff) but it seems to work well enough :).



    1. Ooooh thank you! And the price isn't too bad either! *doomed* xD


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