Saturday, 16 February 2013

Collection Colour Pout Review and Swatches

The Basics:

Colour Pout lip stains are Collection cosmetics' answer to the lip stain trend, similar to Maybelline, Rimmel and Max Factor in style and application. These look a lot like their slightly more expensive counterparts, felt tip pen style applicators packed with colour. You just draw onto your lips with the pen and leave a few seconds for the colour to dry and set. Couldn't be simpler!


Left to right you have shade 3 Flirt, shade 4 Tease and shade 5 Pout. This shows the colours swatched heavily (thick line) and smudged over straight after application (before drying, this is the thinner line).

and now the lip swatches, first a picture of my naked lips to give you an idea of the colour base they're being applied over, then the three lip colours:


I've never been one for lip products, they just seem to be too much faff. I can't be bothered with reapplying lipstick ten times a day because I've eaten or drank something and it's all rubbed off, or because it's faded. And I'm not sure my boyfriend ever appreciated getting coloured smudges on his face. And with lipgloss... well my hair is unruly and as I spend a fair bit of time wandering about outside it just gets stuck on my lips and mess ensues. But these lip stains drew me in. I've seen the Max Factor ones getting amazing reviews (and those I'd swatched on the back of my hand were almost impossible to budge) but I didn't want to risk spending the money on something I might hate and never use again. So when I spotted the Colour Pout stains in stores I was thrilled, an affordable way to try out this whole lip stain thing! Okay, so it took me a while to get around to it (still not confident with lip-wear every day), but I'm so glad I did.

The Collection Cosmetics website describes there as “vibrant, lightweight and long lasting, these lip-loving stains are easy to apply and give smudge-proof perfection.” and I have to say I agree, these are definitely pigmented and once they've set they are smudge proof. Plus the pen applicator makes it easy to line and fill your lips, even for someone like me who never really uses lip products. Unfortunately I haven't given these the kiss test, but they do last through food and drink and other things for me, so a winner there. And there's a decent range of colours to choose from, including more natural shades as well as the dramatic ones.

I really want to buy more of these, and will be replacing the ones I have when they run out. Especially Flirt and Pout!


Budget friendly. Long lasting – passes the food and drink test. Pigmented. Range of both natural and dramatic shades. No hair stuck to your lips or smudges all over everyone else! Collection Cosmetics is against animal testing.I love the names, they're very fitting.


Drying. Pout was hard to remove (or at least most obviously hard to remove as colour shows up best on my lips). Not a massive shade range, I'm not sure how many would be suitable for darker skin tones. Have to remember to store them upside down or they seem to dry out a bit. They don't come with a lip balm (a la Rimmel 1000 Kisses), but those aren't expensive on their own and most people already own one.

Where to Buy:

Collection Cosmetics can be purchased from Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy, Wilkinson and larger Asda, Morrison and Tesco stores. The Colour Pout lip stains have an RRP of £4.99.


  1. Ooh I like the look of these, I've been after a red stain that's actually pigmented and Pout looks like the one, although if it's hard to remove it might get quite irritating after a while :/ Hope to see your reviews of more soon if you decide to get more! xx


    1. Its not too bad when removing at the end of the day, was just something I noticed after swatching - though to be fair I was only using a super cheap face wipe which could have irritated my lips a little and made it seem worse. I've never noticed massive staining at the end of the day when I take the rest of my makeup off, not enough to show up under low light in my bathroom anyhow :). Worth a shot at the price I guess?


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