Monday, 18 February 2013

Glinda Swatches

Top Row: Tornado, Aura (duo shade), Magic
Bottom Row: Illusion, Oz (duo shade), South
Pencil in Rockstar, (not pictured) lip colour in Glinda

Left to Right: Tornado, Aura blue side, Aura pink side, Magic, Illusion, Oz gold side, Oz silver side, South, Rockstar, Glinda

This is Aura swatched over black eyeliner (top) and then white eyeliner (bottom). The bottom swatch is just natural light, as with flash you couldn't see anything at all :(. I think it looks stunning over black, and I think you could use Aura to alter other dark shades of eyeshadow or with a coloured cream base (I don't own any otherwise I'd have been playing with it all  day!) as well as a sheer highlight on it's own. Its a really interesting and versatile eyeshadow in my opinion.

Overall I love the Glinda palette, and I'm glad I picked it over Theodora. It's got lots of colours I didn't already have in my collection and is the perfect spring palette for me (Illusion and Magic and stunning spring shades!).

What do you think? Do you own the Glinda palette or did you prefer Theodora?

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