Monday, 18 February 2013

Project No Buy: Week 2

You may notice some changes this week. I've revamped things a bit to help it make more sense to me.  I explain a bit under the Tuesday overview, but basically I'm only recording money earned through rewards and spent on "not allowed" purchases (I record allowance, birthday money and spendings with those seperatley on my laptop. Makes things easier for me).

Incomings and Outgoings

Blog: +£0.20
Job Applications: +£1 (graduate scheme)
Tidying/Organisation: +£1 (washing, put bins out and started organising)
Sugar Free Pick n Mix: -£2.50

Total: -£0.30

Blog: +£0.20
No Smoking: +£0.10
Job Applications: +£0.10
Driving Theory: +£0.50
Tidying/Organisation: +£0.10 for dishes
Pancakes: -£1
Bad habits: -£1

Total: -£1.00

I decided how I was doing this wasn't working for me as I think I have more money than I do. Removed carry over and no longer counting my allowance into money in, or allowed purchases and groceries into money out. So basically I have to earn the “not allowed” purchases through my goals. I'm going to total up at the end of the month and whatever is there goes towards a monthly haul.

Blog: +£0.10
No Smoking: +£0.10
Reading: +£0.50
Job Applications: +£1
Lollipops & Tangfastics: -£1.10

Total: £0.60

Reading is 50p as I'm about halfway through the Dunwich Horror in my Necronomicon, it's much longer than many of the other stories in there which is how I've been counting “chapters”, but the chapters in there are tiny.

Blog: +£0.20
No Smoking: +£0.10
Job Applications: +£0.70
Driving Theory: +£1
Tidying/Organisation: +£0.50

Total: £2.50

Blog: +£0.20
No Smoking: +£0.10
Reading: +£3.50
Tidying/Organisation: +£1

Total: £4.80

Blog: +£0.20
No Smoking: +£0.10
Driving Theory: +£1
Bad Habits: -£1

Total: £0.30

Things were going well until the evening when something happened with my Grandma (she's fine, just a fool) and we spent over an hour talking to the police and having to sort things out there. Pair with a disagreement and well, bad habits used to cope surfaced. Boo. This also was one of the reasons I didn't get much done otherwise.

Blog: +£0.20
No Smoking: +£0.10
Job Applications: +£0.10
Driving Theory: +£0.50
Tidying/Organisation: +£2
Spendies: -£3
Bad Habits: -£1

Total: -£1.10

So today ended up being a carry on of yesterday, in other words - full of stress featuring drama and arguments. To be honest I want to give myself some credit for not going out and buying a pack of cigarettes (mine ran out earlier) and chain smoking them, but I dealt in other harmful ways so I guess I can't really. Oh well, I'm off to bed soon and next week is a new week and a new start. I'm still ironing out some of the kinks with this and it's still early days so there's time!


Money Spent: £10.60
Money Earned: £16.40
Total for the week: £5.80
Total in the monthly haul fund: £12.75

Not too bad a week in the end. Need to keep a closer eye on bad habits and buying junk food-wise, but I'm pleased with how much tidying I've done and how much driving theory. Tidying has taught me that I need to invest in more makeup storage, it's not all going to fit in my drawer when it's neatly organised! haha


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