Saturday, 23 February 2013

MUA Lipstick Swatches and a Quick Review

I picked up these MUA lipsticks a few weeks ago but haven't worn them as much as I should. Thankfully at only £1 each I'm not losing out massively by not having these as part of my daily essentials, but still, I feel bad. Anyway, I've had these swatch photos lurking in my "to-post" folder for a while waiting for me to get a decent photo of the product. 

They're you're standard bullet type lipstick, something I'm sure everyone is familiar with, and can either be applied directly from the tube or using a lip brush for better control. The two shades I grabbed were Number 7 and Number 15 (named Juicy, 7 is nameless).

All photos were taken in natural light, what little of it we've had lately!


Very budget friendly. Easy to apply, and these two shades are well pigmented. There's also a massive range of shades available over at the MUA website (when they're in stock) or if you're lucky in Superdrug


Not very long lasting. I find them quite dry. Shade 15 isn't an amazing shade for me, but that's more of a personal issue not a product one (it looked good in the shop on my hand!). Most of the shades don't have names, just numbers, which is a shame. 

Where to Buy:

MUA Lipsticks are available at Superdrug or MUA online and retail for £1

I might be tempted to pick up more of these in different shades when I've grown a bit more accustomed to lipsticks (and once I've completed my Colour Pout collection), they're really good for £1! 
Have you tried any of the MUA lipsticks? What do you think?


  1. Pretty colour, thanks for sharing with us♥ I have also bought some of those lipstick and I like them for the cheap price!

    Best Regards from Germany :)

    1. Thanks :). They really are a bargain aren't they?


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