Sunday, 3 February 2013

Project No Buy


I need to save money. I've been graduated since June and while yes, I do live at home so I don't have bills and rent to pay, I really need to get a grip on my spending and learn to save before I actually have the ability to get myself into serious trouble and not just by draining my savings. So after seeing so many beauty bloggers (and others) being involved in no-buys I thought this was just the kick up the ass I needed. What's odd about me is that I actually probably spend more flippantly when it comes to food than make up/beauty products. Though I can be stupid with both. Yep, I'm an odd beauty blogger!

I'm going to track all my income and outgoings. I get £100 a month allowance (I know! I know! Spoilt. My sister gets the same and she also has student loan and grants, plus as you'll see I do buy most of my own food and pay for transport etc) which, with £20 put aside for future house & wedding fund, leaves me with £20 a week to start with.

I'm a bit daunted by the total no buy thing, so I've stolen The Dark Side Of Beauty's idea and method. You can see how she's doing hers, and follow her awesome progress here


  • No unnecessary (ie. Outside of weekly shop) food buys
  • No beauty product buys
  • No buying random nick-nacks I don't need!
  • Track all money spent and do a weekly round up.
  • No magazines!


  • When I run out of something I don't already have a replacement for (ie. Concealer, toner)
  • Presents eg. Birthdays, Valentines etc
  • Limited Editions or what have you that I know I won't get a chance to pick up again (ever or this year).
  • Things bought with gift cards.
  • Drinks/lunch on days when I'm out all day and forgot to pack anything.


  • Reading (I struggle with concentration) - £1.00 per chapter
  • Job applications10p per job applied for via jobsites, 50p - £1 for graduate schemes dependant on complexity & time taken
  • Blog – 10p per blog post
  • Health – 10p per day not smoked, taking away/"spending" £1 for every time I use a bad habit
  • Learning – 50p per 30 minutes spent revising Driving Theory
  • Tidying/Organisation – Dependant on job, eg 20p for dishes, £1-£2 for tidying room etc

I'll be updating weekly. Wish me luck!


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate everything you guys have to say and I shall endeavour to reply as soon as I can! If you need a swifter reply please feel free to email or contact me on twitter @katiefrank_x