Sunday, 3 February 2013

Week in Review

I really haven't done much this week, but here goes anyway:
  • Started Volunteer work, which is pretty good so far. We shall see.
  • Managed to give myself blisters! This should make walking into town for my appointment tomorrow fun...
  • Rediscovered my Collection Glam Metallics liners and fell in love all over again.
  • Fell into a bit of a rut at the end of this week, hopefully a new start on Monday and a nice long shower and good nights sleep will brighten me up again.
  • Went to a scary doctors appointment which ended up being far scarier in my head! For those who don't have me on twitter I had an ECG, which sounded terrifying and exposing when I researched it but wasn't so bad in the end. I'm still not a fan of having to roll my shirt up to expose my chest though. And yes, my heart is perfectly fine - my reading was perfect apparently!
 Not much else to say for the recap, still slumping a bit I'm afraid.
Plans for this evening are taking my sister back to uni and going over to keep my Grandparents company for an hour or so, then a nice long shower, intensive hair treatment and hopefully good nights sleep!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and you're all planning lazy Sunday nights like me?

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