Friday, 8 February 2013

Sometimes I Am Very Spoilt

(admitting I'm spoilt makes it slightly better right?)

I know some people hate these but I like reading them because I'm nosy, so yeah... this is what I got for my birthday. This is everything from my family, our close family friends and the boyfriend's parents.

Pictured here:
  • Babyliss Pro 235 Elegance straightener
  • Clare Balding's autobiography
  • Frozen Heat by Richard Castle audiobook (they made books to tie in with the ones Castle writes in the series! This is the 3rd, they're pretty good, not as good as Castle but I like them.)
  • Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla lotion and perfume gift set
  • 4 Hotel Chocolat chocolates
  • Heart Print PJs with black top
  • Scarf
  • Leopard Print Dressing gown
  • Givenchy Play travel set
My sister also got me this beautiful necklace

Isn't it sweet? She's the richest broke student ever xD

I also got a £10 Amazon voucher, £20 voucher for the local shopping center and some money.
Yeah, my no-buy is probably going to end up on hold for a day... oh well, I kind of knew that would happen since it was my birthday and all. Tempted to get the Glinda Palette from Debenhams with the £20 voucher. Is it worth it or should I wait and see if it ends up in a sale?

Also a quick lazy eye shot from this morning. I was running super late.


  1. You totally deserved to be spoiled :) xo

  2. Awesome presents!
    I really love how the blue eyeliner looks! It is simple but so lovely!


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