Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day Special

Soppy post for Valentines day, many apologies!

Meet Chris, my amazing and long-suffering boyfriend.

I call him Face, ChrisFace, SexyFace and SexyBum. I'm cool like that.

We met in the last year of college and have been dating since.

Our 4 year (on/off somewhat – also known as I buggered up majorly a year or so ago) anniversary is the 25th February. Yes he does have my birthday, valentines and an anniversary all within one month. Yes I do feel bad about it, even if it's not really my fault!

Our first kiss was in all night lazerquest with all the lights off. Yes, we really are that bad ass.

He was my first (and will hopefully be my last) boyfriend.

Actually, I don't know if he knows this, but he's the only guy I've ever referred to as “boyfriend”. Gosh I feel a bit lame saying that, but I guess it's romantic?

Plot To Bomb The Panhandle is our song. It's a weird choice, but we both love A Day To Remember (we saw them together my first year of uni) and that was the first song between us that we both loved by the same band.

He's a gamer and was responsible for my brief obsession with League of Legends (I'd still be obsessed if he and his friends weren't all so much better than me that playing with them was no fun because I was always getting my ass kicked and always the worst player *sore looser*) and my current reddit obsession.

He is totally and utterly amazing and I still dunno why he puts up with me, especially after the massive way I screwed up and after all my craziness and nonsense over the years. But I am so so glad he does.

He's working today, it's his first day.

Also this is what I got him for Valentines:

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