Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday Already?!

How did it get to Wednesday already? Blimey.
Well, today was the dreaded dentist for me. I'm not really scared of the dentist but I don't like going, especially when the visit is preceeded by  sweat and tears inducing nightmares of being forced to have dental surgery. The kind where you get knocked out. Yep, I don't know what that last cup of chai before bed did to me but holymoly! that nightmare was no fun :(. Neither was discovering I need another filling. I never used  to need fillings and now I need them all the time, gutted. I really should cut down on sweets. >.<

Anyhow, here's a couple FOTDs from the last couple of days. 

 (click image 2 to make it bigger)
Eyes are MUA Heaven & Earth with Mac Polished Ivory pigment as highlight and inner corner, Collection Extreme liner in Navy with Collections Glam Crystals Liner in Night fever over the top. Mascara is Maybelline Falsies, brows are rimmel as is the black khol liner. Lips are Collection Colour Pout in Flirt.

(again, click the second picture to make it larger and see detail)
This is a Maybelline "eye studio colour pearls" marbleized shadow duo I got as a gift from a friend in Canada, I believe the colour is Lawless Lavender. With a rimmel single purple eyeshadow in the crease and Mac Polished Ivory as highlight. Liner is Collection Extreme in Black, with George Glamour'eyes in silver on top. Maybelline falsies mascara as always and rimmel eyebrow pencil.

Yep, that's about it. I really need to get back to job applications now. Don't quite know what I've managed to do with my day? Oh well. Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Your first look is gorgeous, the blue really sets off the pink lips :D
    Grace xoxo

    1. thank you :) blue and pink is always a good combination

  2. Please, please come and do my eyeliner! xx

    1. xD! I'm nowhere near as good on others, it's just practice and using a felt tip pen type one. I'm rubbish with pencils and brushes!


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