Wednesday, 6 February 2013

George Shatter Polish Review

Normally I love George polishes. They're cheap (£1.75 for the Quick Dry, £2.75 for the special effects/glitter/molten metals, and often they're on a rollback for £1) and usually work really really well.
This time, I am saddened.

Recently (I think it's still on, but I've not looked because of spending ban) Asda had their crackle effect polishes for £1 down from £2.75. I've not used them before so I picked up two, silver and teal, since they were so reduced and I've never seen teal in crackle polish before. Usually for high-street cheap brands it's just black and white, and I know Barry M has purple (which I love!) and pastel pink and blue, but as I said I've not seen teal before and I figured the silver would be versatile.

 Just to show you the base coat, this is 2True Fast Dry in shade 4. Though it doesn't dry amazingly fast for two coats.

And this is the George crackle, sorry you can't see the silver too well (clicking should make the picture larger) but it's the same as the teal pretty much. I did end up removing this pretty soon after, so disappointed. It just looks like a streaky mess :(.

Cheap (£1 - £2.75) and have some unique colours.

Doesn't actually work in my eyes, which is a pretty massive con.

Where to buy:
Asda, but I wouldn't. 

So yes.
In general the George polishes are brilliant, I LOVE the Quick Dry for shades and speed of drying, and the Molten Metals polish I have is amazing, but their crackles are frankly, rubbish.

Anyone know any better (ie, Barry M style) crackle polishes in awesome colours? Preferably not too expensive.

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