Sunday, 24 March 2013

DIY Plugs

This is probably not relevant to anyone, but I wanted to share some pretties. If you did happen to want to do this, I wouldn't recommend wearing anything like this for anything less than totally healed ears. And I would say please take these out at the end of the day (neither acrylics nor nail varnish are the greatest things for piercings, though the varnish wouldn't really be in your ear). This is a brilliant way to have plugs in colours you possibly couldn't get elsewhere for very little cost. The plugs I use for these are just standard clear double flared acrylics.

This ensures there's no dust, debris or other crud on the surface you want to paint.

Remember that your first layer of paint is the top layer of the colours. For this I used a 17 glitter top coat, with mid-sized holographic glitter in it.

 This is the Collection Sparkle top coat, a very fine shimmer polish.

This is Rimmel Black Cherry. I chose a dark polish to help the sparkles stand out.

The finished product!


  1. Amazing! thanks for the step by step pictures x

  2. Sweet! I don't have my ears stretched but my friend will love this :)

    1. thanks! It'd work for anything clear really, so you could probably jazz up other things too :)

  3. To get the really glittery effect on the other ones, did u apply another glitter coat on top of the Black Cherry polish? Was wondering the same for the blue one above and ones with glitter all over.


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