Monday, 25 March 2013

Goals For The Week

Oh noes, something new!
Since I failed No Buy and put too much pressure on myself to be perfect 100% (which usually results in 0% perfection) I kind of felt a little lost. So instead of no buy I'm going to try and do some weekly goals, week at a time is easier for me and I don't feel bad changing things at the end of the week. I'll review how I did at the end of the week and post up new goals.

(from xkcd)

  1. Eat actual meals instead of just snacking on junk
    • meal plan for the week
    • cut down on sugar and refined carbs
    •  stop buying junk and snacks when I'm out
  2. Draft and Schedule posts for next week
  3. Post Shiro Swatches and Review
  4. Start presentation and research for interview on the 5th
  5. Do at least two nail looks and three makeup looks for current/future posts
  6. Don't buy any more false lashes or unneccesary things, and stick to sales or offers when buying!

Do you have any goals for the week?

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