Monday, 18 March 2013

Help Me Help A Friend

Not sure whether this will appeal to any of you, but I want to get the word out.
A rather lovely friend of mine is trying to get her business started, legally and professionally. She's amazingly talented (I've seen some of her work in the flesh) and makes custom clothing, costumes/cosplay items, dread falls/dread sets and fimo bits and bobs. There are galleries of her work here and if you fancy anything she does have an Etsy Shop already set up.

Anyway to get started running the business properly she needs some help gathering funds, so she set up an Indiegogo account which you can find by clicking this linky right here.
Any amount you can give would be much appreciated, and there are "perks" for certain values of donation.

I know this seems an odd post. I wasn't asked to do this, nor am I recieving any kind of compensation (monetary or otherwise) for making this post. I just wanted to help out a friend and there's a small chance that someone could stumble across this blog post and think it's a cool idea.

As I said, if any of this is your kind of thing (as soon as I can afford it I'm grabbing a pair of dreadfalls!), or you just happen to find you have far too much money then it would be much appreciated if you could donate to Hazard Hair and Customs Jump Start Funding on IndieGoGo.


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOW, ooookay I'm a little too in love with her dreadfalls, definitely need to get my hands on those when I've got the money! As soon as I can help out I will do, I always feel better funding individual small businesses than high street! My best wishes to your friend with getting her business started, her costumes look effortlessly gorgeous! xxx

    1. Dreadfalls are top of my list once I have money too :). Thanks, I like supporting small businesses too


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