Wednesday, 27 March 2013

MUA Nail Constellation Leo and Libra

I am so far behind! I was meant to put this post up a while ago. I picked up two of the MUA Nail Constellations during their £2 offer on them in my big MUA Haul.
I never really understood the caviar nails thing, it looked messy and not a lovely texture, but these looked so pretty and they were only £2 so I thought it would be worth an attempt.

MUA Nail Constellation Libra
This was my very first attempt at these, by smooshing my finger in the beads once I'd poured them into a dish. It didn't turn out so well, as you can see! It made for a very lumpy looking nail, so I wouldn't advise doing this. I put a top coat over and it lasted until I took it off the next day. Libra itself is beautiful, a base of black beads with a smattering of pale blue thrown in there, like a genuine night sky.

MUA Nail Constellation Leo
MUA Nail Constellation Leo
This time I just sprinkled the beads over a wet nail which made for a much prettier effect, way less blobby but also way more messy - even using a bowl to sprinkle over. I didn't put a topcoat over this to test it, it lasted all of a few hours. However part of that is down to the fact I couldn't stop messing with it because it felt so rough and unusual. The tip wear is insane on this either way.
Leo itself is very pretty and bright and spring-y, mostly pink beads with a few blue scattered throughout.

Overall they are gorgeous looking, but you do need a topcoat over them to make them last more than a day, which can cause the colour in the beads to bleed - leaving you with a lot of white beads stuck on your nail. Removal is also a giant pain in the butt, I had to peel off Libra after I'd put the topcoat over it, it just did not want to come off even after being soaked in nail varnish remover for a while.

For me these are way more trouble than they're worth, I'm not a fan of the feeling of the beads on my nails, and either they fall off quickly or they're a massive pain to remove. Maybe if you're in love with the look these are a good option as they are super affordable, but for me it's been a lesson in learning to trust my instincts when it comes to trends and things I probably won't like!

Nail Constellations are available at Superdrug or MUA online and retail for £3.


  1. these both look super cute! x

    1. thank you :), if the beads didn't come off without topcoat I'd love them!


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