Saturday, 9 March 2013

Weekend Wishlist

Short one this week since I may have had a spending blitz. Oops. 

  1.  Baroque Print Jeggings  I am a sucker for printed jeans, and baroque print is gorgeous :)
  2. Haircut Yeah, my hair needs fixing, I don't much like my hairdresser though. They aren't the best, just the cheapest... not always a great mix.
  3. Sleep!  I've been averaging four hours a night, not impressed.
  4. New Look Shopper I need more than one bag in my collection really, and this is cute.
Another thing I want to do is to correct Topshop/Teeandcake on this tee
I'm an arse I know, but I'm a Chemistry arse and we don't really do atoms... not outside of the context of molecules. Pretty sure I've seen that symbol associated more with physics, nuclear physics if I remember. I mean, test tubes would have been better. Everyone knows Chemistry = test tubes!

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