Tuesday, 16 April 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 10 Secrets

I have enjoyed reading Tales From the Kingdom's posts from this challenge and thought it would be fun and a good way to inject something personal into the blog (and stop the blog dying while my eye is sore).

So first up is ten secrets:

1. I don't like kids. Not much of a secret but oh well. I don't like them, I don't want them and I'd rather not be around them either.
2. I used to want a pet dragon as a kid. Yep, I was cool like that ;)

3. I am always late to the bandwagon, seriously. I only just started watching Supernatural. It just takes me a while to get taken in by everyone's excitement. 

4. All my life people have pushed me towards things, certain subjects in school, my degree, everything. Now I have to try and work things out for myself, find out what I really want to do, I'm scared and lost and have no idea what to do.

5. I love the countryside. If it was at all possible I'd move out into the middle of nowhere and just live with nature surrounding me. 

6. I'm a quitter. If I keep screwing up I just give up. It's a miracle I even made it through my A Levels, let alone my degree!

7. I fear for the future of humanity. I swear evolution is going backwards, I mean we have to have "caution: hot" labels on coffee and "warning: may contain nuts" on packets of peanuts... things are not good.

8. I actually like swearing and coming up with creative swearwords. Unladylike and uncouth sure, but fun.

9. I'm a sugar junkie. I practically live off sweet things. This probably explains a lot.

10. I have a pretty dark, sarcastic and dirty sense of humour.


  1. Aw I had no idea you had started the challenge! My reading for today is sorted :D

    P.S. I also love creative swears. Saw a brilliant one on HuffPost yesterday: Cunt punt (verb) :P x


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