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Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Swatches and Review

Continuing my indie makeup obsession with an order from Innocent + Twisted Alchemy. The shop is run by Linda Wan, who as well as making some gorgeous eyeshadows and running a smashing business, is also an extremely talented artist. She made the lovely business card you can see there, as well as posting lots of gorgeous artwork on her blog.

 So pretty!

Ordering was swift and easy, the store front on Store Envy is simple to navigate and order from. TAT was stated as 10-14 days and my order shipped within four, which is the fastest I have experienced, especially given there was a sale on at the time. Linda also packages her products with the prettiest things, and the invoice was handwritten on cute paper. And I got two free samples of some new products.

See? Adorable or what?
Overall my ordering experience was awesome, and I'm writing a wishlist for future orders right now.

Okay, so onto my order. I chose six samples; Sweet Pandemonium and Wild 7 from the Life Is A Game [LE] collection, Fatal Desire from the Lovely Tomie [LE] collection, Contaminated Wastelands from the Just Another Day [LE] collection, Warm & Fuzzy from the general shadow range and Ooopsie #2 which is a "whoops" shade so may no longer be there. I also received free samples in Little Crush and No Fairytale, which are new shades and I don't think they're up on the site yet!

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Swatches and ReviewInnocent + Twisted Alchemy Swatches and Review

I like that the clamshells are labelled with the safety and vegan-friendlyness info, apart from Ooops. You may have guessed from my order, I'm not vegan. I also like the clamshells, I do prefer them to baggies. Oh and when she says full clamshells, she means full. Again colour descriptions in italics are taken from the Innocent + Twisted site where possible, with my own notes added if needed. Swatches are done over MUA primer on the left and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on the right and taken by a large window, slightly grey day but oh well.

Sweet Pandemonium is a purple that has a gold shift and red shimmer.
 This is way more of a neutral gold-type shade on me. Still a stunning eyeshadow, but a bit dissapointing when I was hoping for a purple.

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Sweet Pandemonium
Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Sweet Pandemonium Swatch

Wild 7 is a dark mauve with a strong aqua sheen
Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Wild 7

Contaminated Wastelands is a silvery-brown with a slight green sheen and shimmers.

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Contaminated Wastelands Swatch

Fatal Desire is a blue-green with blue, gold, and purple sparkles
Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Fatal Desire
Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Fatal Desire Swatch

Warm & Fuzzy is a pink based brown that has a golden sheen and blue and green shimmers
Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Warm & Fuzzy

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Warm & Fuzzy Swatch

Ooops #2 brick red with a strong green sheen
Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Ooops #2
Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Ooops #2 Swatch 

No Fairytale grass green with gold sparkles
Innocent + Twisted Alchemy No Fairytale
Innocent + Twisted Alchemy No Fairytale Swatch

Little Crush a lovely peachy pink with silver and gold sparkles.
Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Little Crush

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Little Crush Swatch

Contaminated Wastelands, Fatal Desire and No Fairytale are my favourites I think. All the shadows apply nicely and are beautifully pigmented.

You can buy Innocent + Twisted Alchemy eyeshadows from the Innocent + Twisted online store.
Full Size shadows -5g- are $6.00
Samples are $3.00


  1. You can't wait for the sun to shine forever, nice swatches anyhow :) I love no fairytale and little crush! Little crush actually reminds me a bit of zelda (now princess) from shiro cosmetics. Not a spectacular color but super flattering.

    1. Indeed. I really like Little Crush as a daytime colour. I thought Princess from Shiro looked really pretty in all the swatches too, so maybe that's why! hehe

  2. like contaminated and little crush

    1. me too, such pretty colours :)

  3. That green looks so pretty!

    1. it is! My swatch doesn't do it justice


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