Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

  • The Crumpet posted her March Amateur Nail Contest roundup and the entries are amazing. I love the winner!
  • Cult of Taupe posted the most stunning nail polish ever Butter London Knackered
  • The lovely Sophia at Tattooed Tealady has a really deep, personal and inspirational 12 Lessons Learned this month. If you've ever been big (I was a fat kid myself) you may well find you relate.
  • This is the week of deep,meaningful posts! Ali at Zombies Wear Eyeliner wrote a great post about discrimination
  • I am such a child but Magic Chocolate that Laura at A Daisy Chain Dream posted sounds amazing to me!
  • Aqeela has some of the most awesome 2D Cartoon Bags to share with everyone. Seriously, these are the coolest things I have seen in ages.
  • I'm loving this purple and orange look that Nancy at Dark Side of Beauty put together.

Other things I've been loving this week:

  • This amazing and inspirational video from someone who beat her ED to run in the London Marathon
  • Supernatural. I am a dork, only just started watching it recently and I'm up to Season 5 already thanks to almost non-stop watching. I want a Castiel of my own.
  • Sunshine! We got sunshine and occasionally warmth! So exciting.

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