Saturday, 4 May 2013

April Favourites

How the hell is it May already? Damnit.
First things first: May The Fourth Be With You haha. -Nerd-

1. Simple Day Cream. Perfect day moisturiser for me. SPF 15, which is low but works for not-too hot days, and it's light enough for combo skin.
2. The pastelly Barry M Gelly shades. Perfect spring colours :)
3. Duocrome Eyeshadows. Femme Fatale and Darling Girl make up most of my collection.
4. Caramel Cream lip butter. It works and it smells amazing.
5. Darling Girl Saddle Up & Natural Collection Duo "Mink". My go to highlight shades at the moment, Mink is more matte and Saddle Up is more shimmery :)
6. Glinda Lip pencil. My go to lip shade in April. it is the perfect "my lips but better" shade for me :)

What were your April favourites?


  1. First things first; May the Fourth be with you ;)

    Now that's out the way, where did you buy that caramel lip butter?!?! I must have, or at the very least, smell it. And maybe taste it a bit.... Xx

    1. I think it was Boots. But both Boots and Superdrug should have it. It's really good =P

  2. The glinda pencil looks lovely! And that caramel lip butter sounds good enough to eat!

    1. It is a good one, really versatile especially since I like playing around with crazy eye looks xD


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