Monday, 27 May 2013

More Black Rose Minerals Swatches

The second part of my Black Rose Minerals haul swatchpost.
All swatches were taken in natural light over Pixie Epoxy. Shade descriptions in italics are taken from the Black Rose Minerals website.  

Scruffy - Scruffy’s gonna die how Scruffy lived… This sparkly dark gray is a jazzy compliment to any janitor suit. We recommend a sticky base to capture all the shimmer and glitter in this one. Why is Scruffy sparkly? Well…. We don’t really know, but it worked. Mmmm-hmmm.From the Futurama inspired New New York collection.
Black Rose Minerals Scruffy
Black Rose Minerals Scruffy Swatch

Thirteen - Considered by most an unlucky number, and yes thirteen is usually an awkward age, but lets just say its a prime number. Don't let superstition deter you from this super awesome shade. Wear it dry for a mid-tone shimmery violet with slight blue highlights. Wear it wet for a deep violet hue with a metallic blue sheen. from the One Year Anniversary collection
Black Rose Minerals ThirteenBlack Rose Minerals Thirteen Swatch

Unicorn - Shunnnnnnnnnnn-nuh-nuh-nuh the non-believer! It’s ok, we’ll still be your friend. Especially if you’re wearing this lovely lavender sheen that glistens with many multicolored highlights. Sheer when dry, wearing it wet deepens the hue slightly and still shows off it’s glistening pop. from the One Year Anniversary collection
Black Rose Minerals Unicorn

Black Rose Minerals Unicorn Swatch

Pacific Oil Slick - There's something fishy about this one. A black base with a blue green shimmer. Just like that tar ball that washed up on the beach! Worn wet, it has an iridescent green sheen and dry for a smoky eye with a touch of shine and shimmer.
Black Rose Minerals Pacific Oil Slick
Black Rose Minerals Pacific Oil Slick Swatch

Scarab -This deep chocolaty brown shimmers with green-gold sparkles. And a splash of purple glitter that glistens in certain angles. from the One Year Anniversary collection
 Black Rose Minerals Scarab
Black Rose Minerals Scarab Swatch

Skink - Slip into something slippery with this barely there neutral. Dry shows off a very subtle pinky-beige that shimmers beautifully. Worn wet it becomes a champagne metallic finish with shimmer blending out on the edges. Recommended as a perfect highlight, wear it paired with a dark matte for a dramatic look or alone for a natural neutral! 
Black Rose Minerals Skink
Black Rose Minerals Skink Swatch

Synth Pop - An awesome mix of purple, lime green and pink glitter! 
Black Rose Minerals Synth Pop
Black Rose Minerals Synth Pop Swatch

and these are the two free samples I was sent

Scabbed Wings - Angels aren’t the only things that fly. This devilish little number starts with a black base, orange undertones show off a bronzy duotone. Finish that off with violet sparks for quite a shocking twist. We recommend a wet or sticky base for application. From the Luciferi collection
Black Rose Minerals Scabbed Wings
Black Rose Minerals Scabbed Wings Swatch

Stardust - A glitter explosion of purple, pink and ocean blue!
Black Rose Minerals Stardust
Black Rose Minerals Stardust Swatch

Favourites are: Thirteen, Scarab, Skink, Scabbed Wings and Stardust

Everything seen can be purchased from Black Rose Minerals
Sample baggie: 1/8 teaspoon. $1.00
Sample jar: 1/4 teaspoon in a 3 gram jar. $2.50
Full jar without a sifter: approximately 3/4-1 teaspoon. $6.00
Full jar with a sifter: approximately 1/2-3/4 teaspoon. $6.00

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