Saturday, 25 May 2013

Recent Purchases

The "I may have a slight case of Supernatural obsession" edition.
[hello filler post while I'm away]

Adorable Castiel Necklace from BakaChansCrafts at Etsy.

My boyfriend bought me the Anti-Possession Necklace from TheHappyKatt on Etsy

King of Hell teeshirt from tripinmidair on Redbubble. Which I love a lot, but apparently I am a smaller size in mens shirts than I thought.

Team Free Will: Fallen Angel teeshirt from vulcanluver on Redbubble. Which makes me happysad. Happy because it's awesome, sad because of Supernatural feels.

I have been spending far too long on tumblr. Apologies for the jumbled, totally un-makeup related post. Eyeshadows shall recommence soon, but shiney pretty awesome things make me happy.


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